27 August 2012

Ben And Lucy Support The Dog Trust


Good morning to all our friends on the blog.
Ben and I thought we would send you all a pic. to cheer you up - well, it seems to make people smile. No doubt you are as fed up with the RAIN as we are - we have been caught in HEAVY showers 4 times this last week - mum (Dora) does her best but even though it is fine when we leave home the heavy rain comes so . . quickly. The other day was a major humiliation as Mum made us run to shelter in a supermarket trolley bay ! ! !
Anyway a few weeks ago (when it was fine) the Dog Trust display van came to our Market Square where Dora was on duty helping to raise money for the charity. Ben and I dressed smartly and put on our Dog Trust bandanas and joined them for a couple of hours. It was super - lots of pats and cuddles - and we made new friends - the men said we were good as they only bring stuffed toy dogs for their displays. Anyway here is our photo that Dora took when we got home.

Well done Ben and Lucy I bet you raised a lot of money that day. With the pats and cuddles you will want to go again!


martin and julie said...

lovely photo - good to see them again.

Martin, Julie and Oscar.

ed and rebecca said...

looking good you two!

Sarah and Tony said...

Lovley to hear from you, you look very smart