28 August 2012

News From Seamus

Izzy comes to stay with Seamus


A little while ago, Izzy, the lhasa apso came to stay for a fortnight while Sally & Sean's daughter and family were on holiday. Seamus & Izzy took Sally & Sean and their grandaughter Sophie to The Essex Dog Day yesterday. We couldn't believe how many dogs were there. They had to close all the classes because they had reached their maximum entries.Last year there were 7000 people and they raised £25000 for a children’s charity. Both dogs had a lot of fuss made of them. Seamus entered the puppy class and was placed 1st out of 50
Thank Sean, what an event, all those dogs in one place, doggie paradise.    You must be so proud of Seamus to win out of a class of 50 puppies is fantastic congratulations!!! 


Julie said...

Hi, I was clipping Boudica the other day and wondered how you were progressing with your clipping. The lad looks good and first out of 50 must be the proof of the pudding. Well Done. Wonderful to see Seamus on the blog. Thanks Julie x

enid said...

Congratulations Seamus!

EJ said...

well done!!!