29 August 2012

News From Wales


Good morning Bloggers. We had a good trip to SKC with fairly good weather and the best Chinese meal ever! There were big celebrations in the Bannister camp with Aquila winning her third ticket - a take away, chocolate cake and Champagne - can't fault it!
It was fortunate that we had decided to delay going until Wednesday because our new bath sprang a leak in the cold water tap and while we were loading the van, water had started coming through the ceiling. Just imagine the mess if we'd been away when it happened.
It was van cleaning today ready to go again to Darlington. Hefin was having a little break when Larry and Solo decided that there was plenty of room on his lap for two Bedlingtons.

A couple of reminders of forthcoming events-
29th Sept. MBTC Open Show at Freehay - judge is Alex Hurley
30th Sept Terrier Club of South Wales at Rhondda fach Sports Centre, Tylorstown - Judge is Roger Bannister
6th oct. BTA Championship Show at Middleton Chenney - Judge is Ken Bounden
27th Oct MBTC Grooming Seminar at Kegworth Village Hall
Good luck to all those showing at Birmingham on Saturday.

Thank you Enid, that pudding looks yummy, what a lot of work and thought gone in to making it. Fantastic to read about Aquila, looking at the photo a well deserved win. Just to remind everyone going to Darlington  Viv will be handing out the orders  for 2013 bedlington calendars. Contact Viv  viv.rainsbury@virginmedia.com if you would like to reserve one.

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Enid, nice cake, bring a few to Darlington.

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