26 August 2012

Today at Milton Keynes and D CS show in Wellingborough

Junior 1 - Vakurblue Bacon Buttie (Mavis)
           2 - Vakurblue Eggie Bread (Barney)
PGB 1 - Tobanie Earth Song (Tammy)
         2 - Seaofiron Where Angels Play (Bridget)
BOB Tammy
RBOB Mavis

Tammy was placed 3rd in the PG Stakes - great for the Bedlingtons!  A great day lots of fun and chatter! Hope we can get some more entries for next year. Mary
Thank you Mary well done to you and Trudie,  sounds like you had a fun day.

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Julie said...

Well Done mary and Trudie. Keep flying the Bedlington flag. Hope you get more entries next year.