11 September 2012

Banger Racing With The K9 Crew

Hi All
Well an eventful weekend and Team Bedlington (AKA The K9 Marshal Crew) lived up to their names and kept the day’s events going smoothly at the charity banger race. We inspected the damaged cars left on the track


This one attained the most damage after a heavy impact at the back end by a big Jag, the force of it snapped the engine mountings so when the car was lifted up be the fork lift truck the engine, gearbox and the front wheels ( being front wheel drive) fell out!!!
By the end of the day we were all tired, we headed of home for our teas and to collapsed fast asleep in bed cuddled up together. see you all soon  from The K9 Marshal Crew

P060812_18.53_[01]Jazz and Sapphire win the gold at the Doggy Olympics for cuddling!

Thank you Ian I bet the driver had a spot of whip lash after being hit by such force. This car must definitely be heading for the breaker’s yard, not much left to salvage!   



Hi Ian think we might see you on a Driver Awareness Course soon.

The Makems

Stuart said...

Looks like my car after a trip to WELKS

k9 said...

why Stuart what happend? hope you and everyone in the car are alright, when shall we see you about again?
from Sapphire,Jazz and Ian
p.s No Derek i keep the crashing antics for the race track lol

Stuart said...

Just the pot holes!