20 September 2012

Bramble And His Fox

bramble putting rubbish in the bin 013bramble putting rubbish in the bin 009 

Hello everyone, I have had internet connection problems for 3 weeks, so have missed the blog’s goings on for a while, so now I'm back online thought I would send a couple of photos of Bramble.I bought this fox for him, but it lasted less that 2 minutes before he ripped his front leg off. I think i might have to try Ikea's rat and rabbit and hope they last a bit longer! I thought I would learn bramble a new trick (he fetches the post, rings a bell for his dinner, finds my slippers and fetches them to me) Iv'e taught him to put rubbish in the bin. As you can see he's pretty good at learning new things, especially when there's a gravy bone in it for him. Karen and Bramble.

Thank you Karen, try an Ikea rat ours have been going for years, they get a bit dirty but still in on piece. Bedlingtons are quick to learn and a very special bond builds between handler and trainer.  


Stuart said...

It may work to your advantage if you can get him to bin the fox's innards!


Tried that Stuart,but once the stuffing's out he won't touch it again.
I thinks he just wants to see ME cleaning up after HIM!!!LOL

Agathasmum Louise said...

Wish I could teach Agatha and Chokko to put things in the bin. Mind you, they are really good at getting things OUT of the bin!

Trish said...

My dogs have unstuffed every toy they have gotten...I then tie knots in them & they thing they have a new toy!! The knots give them something to grab onto. One of the new puppies favorite toy is and unstuffed, tied in knots!