07 September 2012

Bye Bye Ramsey!

2012-09-07 12.02.46 (480x640)

As I write this Ramsey the last pup in Asha’s litter  is on his way to his new  home on a KLM flight to Amsterdam. He has a lovely new home with Jacco,  Hanneke,  “Devlin” the Kerry Blue and “Touch” the Bedlington. Saying this I was sad to have to say goodbye but I will see lots of him in photo updates. Ramsey will start his puppy training next Tuesday and then agility training next summer. 2012-09-07 12.01.33 (480x640)

Before going to the Airport, Ramsey went to meet Granddad Chokko. Many thanks to Louise for the photos.

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patricia said...

lovely picture x