07 September 2012

Congratulations to Bieke


Just a quick note in the middle of packing up the house to let you know that Bieke passed the Bronze Good Citizen award last night. The test night coincided with our last night at Chadkirk DT club before we leave for Cumbria. We hope to join a new club and then it will be Bonnie's
turn although that will be a challenge cos she has such a short attention span.The move is due to go ahead next week so when we get the "t'internet" sorted we will send some pictures of the girls on the beach.Best wishes Ruth and Howard

Congratulations to Bieke, it is fantastic to see so many bedlingtons gaining  their Good Citizen certificates. Do hope she can continue classes at a new club and take her silver test. Good luck with the move hope this lovely weather holds there is nothing worse than moving house in the rain. 


bill said...

Well done

Viv said...

Personal message for Ruth and Howard - if you are Mr & Mrs Carter (sorry to be formal), please can you let me have your new address/e-mail details, re the Calendar pics
Viv xx

Ruth Carter said...
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Ruth Carter said...

Hi Viv

The email address is biekesmum@gmail.com