22 September 2012

Contrasting Walks



Hello Lesley and fellow bloggers.
After I came back from a wonderful week's holiday, walking & sightseeing in lovely warm sunny Croatia, I decided last Thursday it would be nice to celebrate my reunion with Boy (who had had quite a fun week himself at my sisters with her whippets!) with another challenging walk, this time up Penyfan. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm in Neath. Not quite so lovely and warm at Storey Arms where I parked the car! And as we climbed to Corn Du it got colder and windier! Boy had to stay on the lead as those Welsh mountain sheep were giving him "come hither" glances! At the very top,on Penyfan itself (886m) we were buffeted by icy gusts, and I really wished I'd taken gloves hat and a warmer coat! And as I was admiring the views north/northwest, heavy cloud sneaked in behind me, obscuring Corn Du and the way down! Luckily, the path down is very very obvious and safe, but it was quite alarming how quickly it changed.Talk about extremes!
I had had a scare with Boy before I went away . Almost didn't go! Lunch time on the Tuesday (the day I was due to go up to Heathrow ready to fly early on the Wednesday), we suddenly noticed his urine was red! Took him to the vets, with a urine sample. Vet said there were various things that could cause this, but gave him antibiotics and anti lungworm treatments in case. I was quite sick with worry, but my sister insisted I go as planned. She texted me Thursday to say the urine tests had shown no abnormalities, and the vet could only suggest an old muscle injury as the cause but that his urine was back to normal and he was perfectly fine, eating well etc. Has anyone else experience this? It was very alarming! Regards Andrea and Boy

Thank you Andrea,  souds like you really enjoyed your break away. it is quite alarming to find a sudden change in weather in the middle of a walk. I think the weather can change from warm and dry to cold and wet very quickly on the Welsh Mountains. I am sure Boy did not feel the cold and enjoyed the walk even though he could not go and check out the sheep. I wonder if Boy had been eating beetroot  that would certainly turn his urine red! 

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Sarah and Tony said...

I agree with Lesley - something he's eaten? If it was an old injury, you'd expect the vet's urine test to show up blood, but without infection. Good to hear Boy's back to normal.
We last climbed Pen Y Fan just over 2 years ago, a few days before we went to collect Rosie and Jasper. Fond memories of a lovely day, with just 2 dogs.