21 September 2012

Ed & Ossie Collected Their Bus Passes On Tuesday


I can’t believe that Ed and Ossie had their 7th Birthday on Tuesday, and are now veterans. The time has flown by since we collected them from their breeder. Here are the boys on their first Christmas, aged 3 months. Ossie will always be young at heart, he still behaves like a puppy most days.


I was too late home from work on Tuesday, so we delayed acknowledging their special birthday until today. Unfortunately it’s been drizzly so they have lazed around, although it’s brighter now for their afternoon walk. I’ve baked a batch of their favourite peanut butter biscuits, and the boys were very pleased when they were cool enough to try one. Sorry they ate it so fast, I couldn’t capture it with the camera.


Best wishes Sarah

Thank you Sarah and a very happy birthday to the boys. They may be termed veterans, but 7 is still young for most bedlingtons. We hear of many bedlingtons living on to their mid teens where other breeds are lucky to make ten. Those biscuits look lovely and so many of them, but I don’t suppose they will last long!


Agathasmum Louise said...

Hope you enjoyed your birthday Ed and Ossie. I collected my bus pass as well recently, but no-one made me those yummy looking biscuits!


Happy birthday Ed and Ossie.
I bet you's couldn't wait to get your paws on those lovely biscuits!!
Hope you both had a great day.

ed and rebecca said...

Lucky boys to get homemade biscuits! Happy birthday!Love from Ralphie and Hesterx

Julie said...

Happy Birthday.
Please can you publish the recipe.

Trish said...

Happy Birthday boys....7 is still young! Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration...my girls & Jacob send you hugs and smooches!