13 September 2012

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Subject: Rescue Calendar
Date: Thu, Sep 13, 2012 14:46

Hi Lesley - any chance you can put this on the blog for me, please:
The 2013 Rescue Calendars are now available. (photos attached of the front cover and back showing all the photos chosen)  The senders of the chosen photos are:  Ruth and Howard Carter (front cover); Eileen & Derek Lewis (January); Shirley Bell (February); Margaret Phillips (March); Eileen Morris (April); Nicky Kinns (May); Linda Dunn-Edwards (June); Rae Rawnsley (July); Jane & Trevor Graham (August); Billy Fisher (September); Karen Goldsbrough (October); Alan Smith & Nikki Print (November); Enid & Hefin Jones (December).
I shall be taking some to Darlington tomorrow and again to Driffield next weekend. Cost is £10 (plus £3.25 p&p if you want them sent - sorry the postage cost is so high, but the Post Office have raised the prices so much). Cheques should be made payable to "V Rainsbury", please.  Once the print bill is paid, all the proceeds will go to Rescue & Rehoming
Viv xx

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Stuart said...

I hope you can get some to the BTA.