30 September 2012

Introducing Chester

Hello Bloggers,
This is Chester who has just been to see Eileen for a haircut. He lives in Chester-Le-Street hence the name Chester. Eileen first met him at the Holiday Inn where Eileen works. Chester's house had been flooded out in the June storms so his family were moved into the hotel while their house was repaired. While staying at the hotel he learnt a few bad habits such as jumping up on the bed and probably getting quite a few titbits from the girls in the restaurant.


Chester is 16 months old and has still retained a lot of his back colour, he's a canny looking lad.222


Enjoyed a run round the garden with some of The Makems clans toys. Perhaps Chester will turn up for the Bedlington Walk at Seaton Carew on the 14th October. The Makems

Thank you Derek I really love the look of this dog he is stunning in these photos,  do you know anything about his breeding or if he is registered.


k9 said...

Hello little Chester pups
welcome to the blog #from Sapphire, Jazz and Ian


Hello Chester! What a beaaaauuutiful little lad he is!!!
Yes I bet he was spoilt rotten by the staff at the hotel.
Great photo's Derek.
Hope to see lots more of him on the blog,and maybee see him at some of the shows.
Bramble says " Don't so much as even glance at Dusty, SHE'S MINE."

karen hoaksey said...

Hello Chester your looking lovely x

Andrea from Neath said...

Hello Chester and welcome! What a lovely looking boy!

Trish said...

Chester you are smashing! What a gorgeous boy.

Giulia said...

Beautifull guy!!