09 September 2012

Nothing Like An Ikea Rat!


Topsy with her Ikea Rat.

Thanks to Donna for the great photo, the Ikea rats make great dog toys, they are virtually indestructible. We have two for the dogs, still both complete if rather dirty.  


Ernest Elaine Tuck said...

I throw our's in the wash - come out like new and smell a little sweeter !!

Bought Lily an Ikea rabbit today - almost as big as her and she loves it. Hopes it lasts as long as ratty!

Ruth Carter said...

We've got a rat and four mice. Bieke loves the mice and teases Bonnie with them. They take them all round the garden where they get wet and muddy. They come out of the washer like new - great toys.

ed and rebecca said...

yep, ours go in the wash when they start to smell : )

JWC said...


Mary said...

cor anyone live near an IKEA that is going to Darlington or BTA or MBTA????