18 September 2012

Shaw & Cassell Illustrated Book of the Dog 1890

Just  A Little Different To Today’s Bedlington Terrier

This is a colour plate from the book published in 1890. There is a complete chapter on the bedlington which I hope to publish to the blog in instalments, Below is a picture of Geordie, very interesting as he was seen as an excellent example of the breed. As the writer gives the dogs measurements we get a really good picture of what Geordie was like    


Quote From The book! 

This is Dr. Lamond Hemming’s Geordie  a dog of excellent appearance, his head especially being first-rate, though his experience of dog shows is limited to Bristol of 1879, where he succeeded in obtaining a second prize. His measurements are:

Nose to stop 3¼,stop to occiput 5 inches, length of back 17 inches, girth of skull 14 inches, girth of neck 12 inches, girth round chest 20 inches, girth of loins 17½, girth of thigh 9 inches, girth of forearm 5½ girth of pastern 3½ inches, height at shoulders15 inches, height at elbows 8 inches, height at loins 16 inches, height at hock 5 inches, length of tail 12 inches,  weight 24lbs, age,18 months.

I would like to thank Michael Newns for photo copying the extracts for the blog!  


Agathasmum Louise said...

It's really interesting to compare this chap with the modern bedlington. He was a stocky lad!

Sarah and Tony said...

I like these old styles dogs. the Dandie Dinmont seems to have changed a bit too.

Lesley 2 said...

Quite right Louise. However the standard still applies "16 ins at the shoulder and a weight of 18 to 25lbs". How many dogs, not to mention bitches fit these requirements today? This is, after all, a terrier and not a sight-hound or lurcher!
Jane xxx