25 September 2012

The K9 Marshall Crew Have Lots Of Fun!


Hi Everyone ,
Well what a couple of weeks we have had, Since our last report we have been to the Ellesmere Boat Festival. The boats were beautifully decorated and there were lots of canal stalls to mooch around, and even the boat yard was open to the public with a free boat ride which Sapphire and Jazz enjoyed. They even wanted to get their fishing rods out and do a spot of fishing. We spent most of the day milling around looking at all the decorated boats then we had  fish and chips for our teas with an extra nice big sausage for Sapphire and Jazz to share.  After tea  we went back down the Wharf to see all the boats light up and that was something else!!  Jazz and Sapphire  had a lots of pats and hugs and by the time we got home it was 10:30pm (way passed their bed time ).


On Monday when Mum and Brian got home and I finished work we went agility training  the crew ran themselves ragged! Last Sunday afternoon and just 2 miles up the road was the second banger race meeting. Sapphire and Jazz with the aid of their Uncle Ian helped start and finish the races. A the end of the day the track was cleared for the destruction derby where the last car running wins!!!  It lasted 3/4 of an hour by which time all the cars were well and truly wrecked. This weekend we went off and stormed the Castle at Whittington, there was a wedding on so the  Bedies had to behave themselves. After the wedding they captured  prisoners who they licked and cuddled  to an inch of their lives. We  had time to do a spot of fishing with our friend Biggles and the Marshal Crew caught 29 fish to Biggle’s 17 fish.  Today  we got up early and went for a walk around Colemere before we settled down for the afternoon to watch The British Touring Cars on ITV 4. Sapphire and Jazz have been so good they had a shoe chew  treat with a cup of Tea.  Bless them, so for now we will say bye bye as we have to make egg and chips for the old age travellers as they are on their way home from a fortnight’s working at the latest shows.


Thank you the K9 crew certainly get about and have loads of fun. They must be the best socialised beddies on the blog. Don’t the dog get frightened of the noise at the banger racing?  I would think  all that crashing of vehicles would make a horrid loud crunching sound. We have a canal day coming up in Banbury in October and hope to go along to see all the decorated boats and join in the fun.


JWC said...

What lovely photos and narrative! They could star in their own storybook.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

You certainly keep yourself busy & well occupied in your spare time Ian, keep enjoying........


I agree with JWC.
Bramble says he can't wait untill next weeks instalment of Sapphire and Jazz's adventures!!

k9 said...

Sapphire and Jazz are laughing now and started to think of a title but can not agree on a good one
lots of love from Sapphire and Jazz the roveing reporters for the Bedlie Blog at 10