14 September 2012

Today At Darlington


BEST OF BREED : 864 HURLEY Mr A Fralex Culibre Pharos
Dog CC : 867 KIERNAN, Mr P & LIU Mrs D Bisbee Ikatcher at Kierlander
Res Dog CC : 880 OXBURY, Miss J & TONNER Mr K Sevray Whisper At Jukenblu Sh.CM
Bitch CC : 864 HURLEY Mr A Fralex Culibre Pharos
Res Bitch CC : 851 DAVIES Mrs S Honeymist Crazy Rhythm
Best Puppy : 878 OWEN Mrs D Doehey My Hearts Content By Bisbee
Best Veteran : 843 BANNISTER Mrs Y E Miteymidgets Myaquila
Best Breeder : Bannister


Click Here for the Class Results   

Congratulations to Jacqui Hurley, all the class the winners and to Yvonne Bannister won the Breedrers Group and was also third in the Veteran  Group.

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