08 September 2012

Waiting for A Quiet Spell

Hello All,
Well we have been so busy for the last month or two that this year is flying by. Since our last report one of the two banger races had to be cancelled due to a waterlogged field. The other one is this weekend so Sapphire and Jazz are getting excited. A friend of the family got married at Whittington castle, we went  along and the Beddies caused chaos by storming the castle, all the wedding guests laughed when Sapphire and Jazz rounded them up into the function room, but when the service started they was as good as gold. Everything went well at the evening reception but 55% of the chicken drum sticks disappeared for Sapphire and Jazz had put them into a doggie bag, they gave some to their friend Alfie Moon for his tea, Wendy our friend didn't even notice that they went missing (ha ha ha ) until we told her 3 hours later! She laughed she said that the dogs were welcome to them for being such good dogs.


Last week mum came for a walk with the K9 Marshal Crew down the canal and we came across the narrow boat called "Carmel" her name sake. We had seen it a month or two before so she had her picture taken with it. Last weekend the dogs and I went for a walk down the canal at Maesbury Marsh and to our surprise they had a boat festival on. We all had a good look around and by the time we got back to the car Sapphire and Jazz were tired from all the fuss and playing with their new doggie friends. They slept all the way home had their teas and did a spot of sun bathing on the front lawn.


During the  week we went and saw a circus which came to Ellesmere, everyone enjoyed it so much and said that Sapphire and Jazz were well behaved and so good. This weekend the boat festival moves to Ellesmere before going to Whitchurch for a week on Saturday and Sunday.  We are planning to go and see the boats and everything else tomorrow (Saturday).  The banger racing is on Sunday, Sapphire and Jazz have yet another busy weekend ahead of them. At the moment both of them are walking around sniffing the air because I'm cooking them some chicken drumsticks to have with  their teas. I must admit they do love their chicken and will not let me have 5 minutes peace and quiet until they have some, so for now bye bye and we will speak soon

PS Sapphire and Jazz make will be on Radio Shropshire to help Johnty with the Treasure Hunt. A week a go last Sunday and they got a big fuss and a Bacon and Egg butte off of Johnty for being great helpers!


Thank you Ian, some fun filled times for you and the beddys, I love the boat you need to win the lottery and you could buy the “Carmenl” boat for mum. Enjoy the boat festival today and hope the weather holds for the banger racing tomorrow.


ed and rebecca said...

i don't know how you fit it all in !

k9 said...

Nether do we sometimes last night ( Sunday) both Sapphire and Jazz went to bed early saying that they were tied pups lol