02 September 2012

Where Oh Where

Where have the Makems been ?? Iv'e been down to visit one of the daughters and stopped off here on the way back home. For those's of you who are going to Darlington Dog Show and are staying on the site a few days this place is well worth a visit, not too far from the show site. All these clues I may as well tell you where Iv'e been.


The Abbey was founded by Cistercian Monks shortly after the Norman Conquest and is supposed to be one of the best examples of it's kind in Britain, must have been cold living there. It's part of an 800 acre park so lots of paths to take the dogs along. You are supposed to keep the dogs on the lead but there are plenty of out of the way places to give them a free run though watch out for wild life.


The site also has one of the best examples of a water garden, more like small lakes. At the far end of the pond, lake the path meanders along the river though it's not a circular walk.


Well I thought if the late Craigie Aitchison can have a picture of a Bedlington in the ground below a cross The Makems can have a picture of two live ones beside a cross. Wonder how much I can sell this one for. Have fun folks, The Makems

Thank you Derek, what a beautiful place, the abbey must have been very impressive, I would like to have seen a picture of it when it was still occupied by the monks.  The only abbey that comes to mind near Ripon is “Fountains Abbey” ? We used to live near Ripon a very long time ago but can’t evey remember ever visiting the abbey.

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