03 September 2012

Wolsingham show

Hello Bloggers,
Yesterday was one of the North Easts agricultural shows, Wolsingham in the Wear Valley. Some of the stalwarts of the North East show folk turned up on a glorious sunny day for a change. We were greeted at the entrance to the show by Tony doing his dry stone walling. After a short delay to the start of the judging due to the terrier judge not turning up for the show and day turned out to be quite pleasant

sssssssssHere we have John and Julie getting their dogs ready for the show, sorry Julie for the rear view of Whisper. ddddddAnd Billy with Issacc having his turn on the table to be judged by the stand in judge.

bbbbbbbThe final line up, John with Summer 1st and Group 1 , Julie with Whisper 2nd and Billy with Issacc 3rd. and later to get a first at the working show also being held today at Wolsinghammmmmmm

Some of the visitors to the show with Ed Noad's and grand bairns in the back ground, Lesley struggling to hold onto Holly and TJ, what strong dogs both are. And a face from the past who some of you older bloggers might remember, Ron Savage and his daughter, must be at least 10 years since we last saw Ron. We also had a visit from lots of other folk both with and without Bedlingtons and was able to pass on the blog details and generally chat about and give info on the Bedlington breed. Next week Stanhope, if it's not raining, can't expect two week ends without rain. The Makems

Thank you Derek, it has to be an ideal show with a an Open Show and a Working Show at the same event. . What a lovely sunny day, well done to Summer and Issacc in the working show. From the photos it certainly looked a great bedlington day out! 


matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...
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bill said...

And well done Julie for your first in a big class AV open terrier and she won a fiver and with a massive hangover!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Well done all.
Looks like the weather was the same as down at our house, absolutely gorgeous.

Sarah and Tony said...

Sunday looks promising Derek, we haven't been to Stanhope show before, but might take a look. No walling display this time for Tony

Stuart said...

A good idea using the flea spray at a show John. Saves taking them home with you!