29 October 2012

Eli Has His First Trim


He now has 4 new teeth and he learnt to cock his leg about 2 weeks ago, He loves everybody and other dogs but can be quite sensitive to strange noises. I am a little concerned about bonfire night as our other dogs didn't mind the noise. He is a funny little lad and brings us lots of pleasure although he can be very stubborn and refuses to go for a walk when its raining, but we don’t take no for an answer and he really enjoys it when he gets going. He is still digging holes all over the garden and burying all manner of things he comes in covered in mud looking really pleased with himself. We are still barf feeding and it seems to be working he is growing well and is the picture of health.
Tony and Deborah

eli 2I think I will sneak on the chair for a nap while no one was looking,

Thank you Tony and Deborah, Eli is now 4 months old and one of Asha’s paler coated pups. He certainly is growing into a beautiful boy. Eli does not take after his brother Ramsey who loves the water.

xxxxxxxxxRamey Eli’s brother taking a dip in a very cold lake in Holland.

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Agathasmum Louise said...

Eli is starting to look like his daddy Parker!