30 October 2012

Genie And The Tubby Gang


We went to see Genie and her puppies again yesterday. They have grown so much, proper little tubbies! They are all beautiful, and I have no idea yet which of the 2 little girls I will be bringing home in a few weeks time. The little boy is a real character and spends most of his time lying on his back with his legs waving in the air.Genie is a great mum, and manages to look her usual immaculate self (well, almost!), whilst rearing her brood of three. I can't wait to introduce our new baby to Chokko and Agatha. Chokko loves puppies, and I'm sure he will be teaching her all sorts of mischief! Louise

Thank you Louise the pups have certainly have grown and Genie looks terrific.  It won’t be long before they are on their feet, then the fun begins!


Stuart said...

Little devils have been running around for a week already and their eyes are just opening today.
I think this lot are going to be TROUBLE! I've never known such a forward litter.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Best get your back lubricated up then Stuart!! They will keep you & Angela on your toes.

Lauren Gotts said...

Is the other little girl for sale can I ask?
Thanks lauren

Stuart said...

All spoken for I'm afraid. We could have done with six more but I'm sure Genie disagrees.

Tina W said...

They are chubby puppies- fun and games to be had over the next weeks.

k9 said...


The boy dog showing all to the world is only mimicing his grandad who lies on my bed legs akimbo and all on display, the photo is great give them a hug from great granny.


Stuart said...

All boys are the same, advertising their wares in this way. It's their equivalent of wearing tight trousers, just a bit more blatant!!
Don't worry K9, There's no shortage of hugs for this little gang. It's going to be very difficult to let them go. That's a good thing because it means they will only go to the very best of homes.