29 October 2012

Lots of Scary Fun For The K9 Marshall Crew


Hello All
Well we have a good few weeks helping out at Whittington Castle, so much fun and laughter has been had. Sapphire and Jazz have been helping me out by banging doors and rattling windows and making people jump and scream out loud. Every night we try something different so the people don't know what to expect from us. Last Saturday was one of the best yet, in one of the rooms of the castle is a well dug down to 4 feet and topped with reinforced glass where there is a suspect  ghost of a young boy. While the narrator was talking about this part of the castle and it was quiet I slammed a big book shut and scared the lot of them,  Sapphire and Jazz laughed there socks off!!!  .
In-between the spooky goings on  on the last night i.e. Saturday,  Sapphire,Jazz and myself were patrolling the castle grounds. We noticed that it was a full moon, some poor souls had started the tour we began howling, just to add the effect that they were in for a freight ( ha ha ) When not at the castle  we have had some very good adventures, when I have more time I ( sorry we ) will do a full report bye bye for now Sapphire, Jazz and Ian


Thank you Ian sound like you and the dogs really had fun on the Halloween tours frightening the visitors.  I love the autumn photo of the dogs on a never ending carpet of leaves.


Andrea from Neath said...

That is a lovely picture Ian!

k9 said...

Thank you we try our best :)

Sarah and Tony said...

Lovely autumnal photo, Glad to hear you're all having fun for Halloween.