31 October 2012

News from Wales




Good morning, Bloggers,
Solo had his birthday pork pie while we were away at Midland Counties. Needless to say, he had to share it with all of us as I only give a tiny taste!
We had a good day at the MBTC grooming seminar at Kegworth. here's a photo of Bertie looking very smart after his haircut. I was pleased to be able to help Seamus who is one of Ecco's boys.It was good to see Sarah with the coat she had knitted for Jasper. I've started knitting one for Larry who feels the cold badly these days. He will be fouteen in a couple of weeks so I've chosen bright red wool to cheer up the winter months. Sarah also brought along some of the donkeys she's knitted for the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon. They are very, very good. Perhaps she will post a picture of them for you to see?
A couple of people asked for my recipe for liver cake. There are lots on line but this is mine.(old measure )
8oz. liver
8 oz. self raising flour
2 eggs
2 cloves of garlic or 2 teaspoons of puree
Mix together in a food processor until smooth (look awful and smell horrid!)
Line a cake tin with foil and pour in the mixture.
Bake in the oven at gas mark 4 for 30/40 mins.
It should be springy to the touch and not wet inside, When cool, cut into small bits and freeze in little bags ( I use old plastic money bags from the bank) I'm going to try wholemeal flour next time as it is better for dogs The dogs are always dribbling over the cooking smells but I have to open the windows to get rid of them! Happy baking Enid

Thank you Enid love the look of big pork pie, I wonder if anyone has a home made recipe we can adopt as a blog pie birthday treat? I think all bedlingtons love liver cake it certainly is favourite with al of mine. Do send us a photo of Larry’s coat, I am just on the front part of Chelsea’s but had to change the pattern slightly as it was working out to big. I have to say I have made a few mistakes but hopefully they won’t show when finished.
My fudge who is also fourteen had a op to remove a tumour yesterday, although an old girl she is very fit and seems fine if just a little stiff this morning, she is sitting right now looking at me for food, Fudge is permanently hungry, luckily the operation  has not changed her obsession to look for any tiny morsel dropped on the kitchen floor. 


k9 said...

Happy Birthday Solo from Sapphire, Jazz and Ian

Tina W said...

Happy Birthday Solo . x

Lesley 2 said...

My girls love liver cake, I shall be trying out Enid's recipe. Maybe we
could make up a leaflet of peoples favourite home made dogs treat recipes
to sell on the stand at Crufts for Bedlington rescue


Sarah and Tony said...

Happy birthday Solo. Thank you for the liver cake recipe, I think we will make some this weekend. I wonder whether the gang will prefer them to peanut biscuits?