27 October 2012

Update On Noodles

111111Noodles Sleeping On Me

Hi just to update u on noodles. As u know we rescued her as she was deeply unhappy in her old home. At fist she wasn't getting on to well with William my younger male and I never viewed the rescue as a permanent thing just an opportunity for me to get her out of the place she was in and give her to a happy forever home.
As expected we have fallen head over heels in love with her and she is more than welcome to live with us for her remaining years.
When rescuing her I was told by her owners that she was ten and blind. When I got her home and took her for a check up with the vets I was told she is in fact fifteen, blind, and needs some teeth out and a scale and polish. I had noticed some big lumps and bumps on her teats. The vet wasn't sure if this was cancerous or not but assured me that she wasn't in any pain and it was just a case of making her comfortable over the next year or so. He did add that other than the above she was sooo healthy and happy.
She now gets on really well with William. there's no longer any rivalry and they actually play with each other and can eat there meals together right next to each other no problem. Understandably she was snappy and snarly and a bit bitey with all of us when she first arrived because she was scared and had lost all trust. I worked on some trust exercises with her and got a whole list of words to guided her around on walks and around the house. she now never growls or anything and knows her way around the house and can now run up and sown the stairs unassisted. She can even be let off of the lead on her familiar walks and doesn't trip over or bump into things because if I say 'careful' she just stops in her tracks or if I say' up' she knows there is a step or curb! She is so so happy, content and at home with us. Please upload this story onto the website so people know noodles is happy in her new home :-) I will do little updates from time to time to :-)
Also please confirm that u received the pictures I emailed to you earlier.
Many thanks,
Co she loves and trusts.rinne

This is such a lovely story, you are a very special lady not only taking on a rescue but training and giving a forever home to a  blind dog in her twilight years. It is lovely to read she has found a new dog friend in William and a family she now trusts and loves!


Agathasmum Louise said...

What a lovely story. So glad that Noodles is happy and settled with you and William.

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

Very pleased for you and Noodles.

rosie's dad said...

Great to see Noodles has settled and god bless you for taking her in,our last rescue dog went blind but its marvellous how well they get around with a little guidance, like you we also used to tell her up/down/left/right and she coped really well.

martin and julie said...

that's fantastic news. well done! so pleased that she has settled down.

Martin, Julie and Oscar.

Paul / Debbie said...

we are so pleased noodles has found a realy loving home we like a happy ending we cant wait for the next up date on noodles .
Paul Debbie

k9 said...

that is great news for little Noodles we know she will be happy there with you bless her furry little socks
from Sapphire, Jazz and Ian woof woof Noodles from Sapphire and Jazz

Sarah and Tony said...

We are so pleased to hear that Noodles is happy in her new home. What a lovely contented smile. Rosie sometimes smiles like this when she is particularly happy and relaxed. wehope to hear more fomr noodles.

Debbie said...

Bless little Noodles !
Glad that she is settled in her home and that you are enjoying her x

Debbie said...

Bless little Noodles !
Glad that she is settled in her home and that you are enjoying her x