31 December 2012

Issac Has A Full Time Job


I just thought i would bring you up to speed with Issacc seeing as i do not show him anymore.
Well it’s work work work with him, out lamping with the lurchers and digging with his pals on permission land. Plenty of ferreting and ratting at the local allotments. Yesterday morning it was off to the North Yorkshire Moors for a spot of ferreting in the snow.i must admit it beats the hell out of standing on a table and walking in a triangle. Billy
Thank you Billy I know Issacc would much prefer to get dirty out in the countryside to being bathed, groomed and spending a lot of the day in a cage.


Agathasmum Louise said...

Great to see Issacc doing what he does the best!

Stuart said...

Go for it Issac,

A real Bedlington!