30 September 2012

Today At Terrier Club Of South Wales

BOB Jones Pengerrig Unique
RBOB Mayers Ticheria Flibbertigibbet
BP Mayers Toolbox Helping Hand For Tcheria Puppy Group 4

Well done Enid and Chris!

Today At Bedlford

Congratulations to Trevor Graham with Arthur who won Best Of Breed at Bedford Canine Society.

Introducing Chester

Hello Bloggers,
This is Chester who has just been to see Eileen for a haircut. He lives in Chester-Le-Street hence the name Chester. Eileen first met him at the Holiday Inn where Eileen works. Chester's house had been flooded out in the June storms so his family were moved into the hotel while their house was repaired. While staying at the hotel he learnt a few bad habits such as jumping up on the bed and probably getting quite a few titbits from the girls in the restaurant.


Chester is 16 months old and has still retained a lot of his back colour, he's a canny looking lad.222


Enjoyed a run round the garden with some of The Makems clans toys. Perhaps Chester will turn up for the Bedlington Walk at Seaton Carew on the 14th October. The Makems

Thank you Derek I really love the look of this dog he is stunning in these photos,  do you know anything about his breeding or if he is registered.

29 September 2012

Congratulations to Carol and Paul For BPIS!


We had a very good day today at the show our puppy Nebercrackers Rosie Blue took Best Puppy in Show, Best Puppy Bitch and Non Breeders Bitch. Carol and Paul
Many congratulations a very good day you must be delighted, thank you so much for the photos, do hope you are opening a bottle of bubbly tonight!

Today at MBTC


Best in Show and Best Bitch Honeymist String Of Pearls With Tasseltabs P1000095

Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex Tasseltabs Timber

Many congratulation s to Helen Murby and thank you to Carol and Paul for the photos.

Thought For The Day!



This Also Applies To The Bedlington Terrier. He's A Working Dog Something We Must Never Forget. Lynne Siddiq.

27 September 2012

Summery Of Entries For SWKA


Sharon has an entry of 11 dogs at SWKA.
Hefin is judging the companion dog show there on Friday at 1 o'clock. It is the day before Terriers. There are 7 pedigree classes and 15 novelty ones. All welcome. Enid

Summery Of Entries For MBTC Open Show On Saturday

There are 37 dogs entered making a total of 36 entries..

We Catch Up With Jacob On Oroacke Island In The USA


Thank you to Tricia for the photos, I just love the photo of Jacob on the grooming table! The  hum of the clippers must have sent him to sleep!. Tricia drove a round trip of 22 hours to collect Jacob whose breeder had been taken ill and could no longer care for him.

News: Dogs As Fashion Accessories, Do WE Have A Problem ?


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25 September 2012

Summery Of Entries For The BTA Championship Show Oct 6th


Judge : Mr ken Bounden

60 bedlingtons including 10 NFC with 88 entries,

BBC Nature - African wild dog videos, news and facts


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Lovely clips on the the life of the African wild dog.

News: Dog quickly takes in, nurses stray kitten in Minn.

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The K9 Marshall Crew Have Lots Of Fun!


Hi Everyone ,
Well what a couple of weeks we have had, Since our last report we have been to the Ellesmere Boat Festival. The boats were beautifully decorated and there were lots of canal stalls to mooch around, and even the boat yard was open to the public with a free boat ride which Sapphire and Jazz enjoyed. They even wanted to get their fishing rods out and do a spot of fishing. We spent most of the day milling around looking at all the decorated boats then we had  fish and chips for our teas with an extra nice big sausage for Sapphire and Jazz to share.  After tea  we went back down the Wharf to see all the boats light up and that was something else!!  Jazz and Sapphire  had a lots of pats and hugs and by the time we got home it was 10:30pm (way passed their bed time ).


On Monday when Mum and Brian got home and I finished work we went agility training  the crew ran themselves ragged! Last Sunday afternoon and just 2 miles up the road was the second banger race meeting. Sapphire and Jazz with the aid of their Uncle Ian helped start and finish the races. A the end of the day the track was cleared for the destruction derby where the last car running wins!!!  It lasted 3/4 of an hour by which time all the cars were well and truly wrecked. This weekend we went off and stormed the Castle at Whittington, there was a wedding on so the  Bedies had to behave themselves. After the wedding they captured  prisoners who they licked and cuddled  to an inch of their lives. We  had time to do a spot of fishing with our friend Biggles and the Marshal Crew caught 29 fish to Biggle’s 17 fish.  Today  we got up early and went for a walk around Colemere before we settled down for the afternoon to watch The British Touring Cars on ITV 4. Sapphire and Jazz have been so good they had a shoe chew  treat with a cup of Tea.  Bless them, so for now we will say bye bye as we have to make egg and chips for the old age travellers as they are on their way home from a fortnight’s working at the latest shows.


Thank you the K9 crew certainly get about and have loads of fun. They must be the best socialised beddies on the blog. Don’t the dog get frightened of the noise at the banger racing?  I would think  all that crashing of vehicles would make a horrid loud crunching sound. We have a canal day coming up in Banbury in October and hope to go along to see all the decorated boats and join in the fun.

23 September 2012

Future Agility Dog


It was lovely to see Sue Jenkins and her puppy “Ted” yesterday. Ted is just  15 weeks and came along to watch us at agility. We were at Cheltenham race course for the weekend and Ted lives in Cheltenham. Ted is a very special puppy as he has only got a stump for a tail. Something happened at birth and he lost most of his tail,  but  Ted is not bothered, he looks so cute wagging his little stump.as he comes up to say hello. Sue said people do come up to her and asked if his tail has been docked. Tail or no tail Ted is a very handsome young man!     

High Spen dog show tomorrow

Hi Lesley, Can you put this on the blog please. Karen and Bramble.

Sorry about the late post, but tomorrow Sunday 23rd September is the:

(Tyne and Wear), on the B6315 road.

22 September 2012

Driffield 2012

Judge: Mr Craig Richardson

BEST OF BREED : 3878 CUMMING Mr & Mrs P Honeymist Blue Flame At Rocabec
Dog CC : 3878 CUMMING Mr & Mrs P Honeymist Blue Flame At Rocabec
Res Dog CC : 3890 KIERNAN, Mr P & LIU Mrs D Bisbee Ikatcher At Kierlander
Bitch CC : 3897 SHORROCK Ms D Doehey Queen Of Hearts
Res Bitch CC : 3882 DAVIES Mrs S Honeymist Midnight Star
Best Puppy : 3871 BANNISTER Mrs Y E & Mr C R Miteymidgets Look Of Love
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder : Bannister

Click Here for the class results.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Felton Flyers Group Photo

Another Good Round

The Suns Out

Diesel Goes Clear UK Agility Cheltenham

Contrasting Walks



Hello Lesley and fellow bloggers.
After I came back from a wonderful week's holiday, walking & sightseeing in lovely warm sunny Croatia, I decided last Thursday it would be nice to celebrate my reunion with Boy (who had had quite a fun week himself at my sisters with her whippets!) with another challenging walk, this time up Penyfan. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm in Neath. Not quite so lovely and warm at Storey Arms where I parked the car! And as we climbed to Corn Du it got colder and windier! Boy had to stay on the lead as those Welsh mountain sheep were giving him "come hither" glances! At the very top,on Penyfan itself (886m) we were buffeted by icy gusts, and I really wished I'd taken gloves hat and a warmer coat! And as I was admiring the views north/northwest, heavy cloud sneaked in behind me, obscuring Corn Du and the way down! Luckily, the path down is very very obvious and safe, but it was quite alarming how quickly it changed.Talk about extremes!
I had had a scare with Boy before I went away . Almost didn't go! Lunch time on the Tuesday (the day I was due to go up to Heathrow ready to fly early on the Wednesday), we suddenly noticed his urine was red! Took him to the vets, with a urine sample. Vet said there were various things that could cause this, but gave him antibiotics and anti lungworm treatments in case. I was quite sick with worry, but my sister insisted I go as planned. She texted me Thursday to say the urine tests had shown no abnormalities, and the vet could only suggest an old muscle injury as the cause but that his urine was back to normal and he was perfectly fine, eating well etc. Has anyone else experience this? It was very alarming! Regards Andrea and Boy

Thank you Andrea,  souds like you really enjoyed your break away. it is quite alarming to find a sudden change in weather in the middle of a walk. I think the weather can change from warm and dry to cold and wet very quickly on the Welsh Mountains. I am sure Boy did not feel the cold and enjoyed the walk even though he could not go and check out the sheep. I wonder if Boy had been eating beetroot  that would certainly turn his urine red! 

21 September 2012




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Ed & Ossie Collected Their Bus Passes On Tuesday


I can’t believe that Ed and Ossie had their 7th Birthday on Tuesday, and are now veterans. The time has flown by since we collected them from their breeder. Here are the boys on their first Christmas, aged 3 months. Ossie will always be young at heart, he still behaves like a puppy most days.


I was too late home from work on Tuesday, so we delayed acknowledging their special birthday until today. Unfortunately it’s been drizzly so they have lazed around, although it’s brighter now for their afternoon walk. I’ve baked a batch of their favourite peanut butter biscuits, and the boys were very pleased when they were cool enough to try one. Sorry they ate it so fast, I couldn’t capture it with the camera.


Best wishes Sarah

Thank you Sarah and a very happy birthday to the boys. They may be termed veterans, but 7 is still young for most bedlingtons. We hear of many bedlingtons living on to their mid teens where other breeds are lucky to make ten. Those biscuits look lovely and so many of them, but I don’t suppose they will last long!

20 September 2012



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From Illustrated Rural Sports 1875 by "Stonehenge"

stonehenge bedlieqccccc

Thank you to Stuart for this text and photo from 1875.

Bramble And His Fox

bramble putting rubbish in the bin 013bramble putting rubbish in the bin 009 

Hello everyone, I have had internet connection problems for 3 weeks, so have missed the blog’s goings on for a while, so now I'm back online thought I would send a couple of photos of Bramble.I bought this fox for him, but it lasted less that 2 minutes before he ripped his front leg off. I think i might have to try Ikea's rat and rabbit and hope they last a bit longer! I thought I would learn bramble a new trick (he fetches the post, rings a bell for his dinner, finds my slippers and fetches them to me) Iv'e taught him to put rubbish in the bin. As you can see he's pretty good at learning new things, especially when there's a gravy bone in it for him. Karen and Bramble.

Thank you Karen, try an Ikea rat ours have been going for years, they get a bit dirty but still in on piece. Bedlingtons are quick to learn and a very special bond builds between handler and trainer.  

19 September 2012

1881 Book Of The Dog

Chapter X1X The Bedlington Terrier

I managed to find an online link to the book and subsequently the chapter on the Bedlington Terrier

Click HERE

book of thr dog

18 September 2012

Shaw & Cassell Illustrated Book of the Dog 1890

Just  A Little Different To Today’s Bedlington Terrier

This is a colour plate from the book published in 1890. There is a complete chapter on the bedlington which I hope to publish to the blog in instalments, Below is a picture of Geordie, very interesting as he was seen as an excellent example of the breed. As the writer gives the dogs measurements we get a really good picture of what Geordie was like    


Quote From The book! 

This is Dr. Lamond Hemming’s Geordie  a dog of excellent appearance, his head especially being first-rate, though his experience of dog shows is limited to Bristol of 1879, where he succeeded in obtaining a second prize. His measurements are:

Nose to stop 3¼,stop to occiput 5 inches, length of back 17 inches, girth of skull 14 inches, girth of neck 12 inches, girth round chest 20 inches, girth of loins 17½, girth of thigh 9 inches, girth of forearm 5½ girth of pastern 3½ inches, height at shoulders15 inches, height at elbows 8 inches, height at loins 16 inches, height at hock 5 inches, length of tail 12 inches,  weight 24lbs, age,18 months.

I would like to thank Michael Newns for photo copying the extracts for the blog!  

17 September 2012

News: Loyal Dog Ran Away From Home To Find His Dead Master's grave -

A faithful dog has refused to leave the side of his dead master's grave for six years, it was reported today.Read more: Click HERE

News: Not Too Long In The Tooth: :

Not too long in the tooth: The 19-year-old dog (that's 133 canine years) at Battersea looking for a new home.  Read more, Click HERE:

Has This Happened To You ?

My old girl Chelsea who is 16 was spayed a long time ago probably when she was about two. Although no physical  signs she is behaving like a bitch on heat, giving off pheromones and making up to Parker my dog. It is really funny to watch this very old girl behaving like an adolescent. I am not sure how long to let this go on for? At the moment  I am having to keep Parker in a separate room, being rather frail an accident with Parker may cause her some injury. Ever since she as spayed at two she has never shown any signs of being in season.

16 September 2012

Today At The Midland Game Fair


We thoroughly enjoyed our day out. Asha won Best Bedlington but was not placed in the championship and only managed  second  place in her heat in the terrier racing.


Diesel easily won her heat in the racing  but did not finish in the first three in the final. Fudge at 14  won best veteran  terrier and came home with a huge rosette and trophy, unfortunately Jon did not take a photo. Yuva (Nicky and Andy Kinns, one of Diesel’s pups pictured below) ran a fast heat gaining a second place and was the only terrier to return to the start, unaided or enticed, having completed the run.



The youngest member of the team was Nikki Kinns’s Chino at eleven weeks who was definitely a star attraction with everyone wanting a cuddle