30 November 2012

Good Luck To Everyone Entered Tomorrow At……..


West Midland Terrier, Judging commences at 10am Bedlingtons exhibit in ring 2

Sapphire And Jazz Want A Submarine!

Hello Everyone,
Well, what weather we are having, we hope every one is safe and sound and keeping dry as well as warm. Sapphire and Jazz are getting a bit cheesed off now for every time we go out they end up getting their paws wet so they both decided that they want a submarine from Doggie Paws for their Xmas presents. Over the last two weeks our favourite walks have been to wet to go to, or too boggy, and yuk even parts of the tow paths down the canals have been to wet to walk along. Before you know it you are up to you're knees in mud.
Hopefully this weekend we will be getting some long walks being my weekend off (yipeeeeeee)!  Sapphire and Jazz will be looking forward to  getting lots of cuddles and fuss. I had to smile at them  when we had the strong winds this week. We went to the local park around the main mere where Sapphire and Jazz like to inspect the fishing pegs, Jazz stood half way down the fishing peg, as he stood there sniffing the air the wind caught his ears and it looked like he was going to take off, bless him! As for little Sapphire she was chasing the waves that were lapping up over the end of the fishing peg and trying to bite them, when the  next wave came she would run back to save getting wet.

Just for fun, Sapphire and Jazz have said can any of their friends on the Blog come up with a good caption of their picture on this report? they were going to put a lyric from a song with it and see how many of their friends could name the song and artists/ band, the lyric was going to be " I like driving in my car, its not quite a Jaguar, it was built in 59".
Have a think about a caption it will be interesting to see what you all come up with so for now bye bye see you all soon
From  The K9 Marshal Crew

Thank you I an I don’t have a clue about the song maybe I will cheat and look it up on Google!

29 November 2012



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Where Have They Gone!


We went for a lovely walk in the woods the other day. The dogs were 'enthusiastic' because of all the squirrel activity and had to stay on lead. They still had a great time though! Love from  Ed, Rebecca , Ralphie and Hester x
Thank you Ed and Becs lovely autumn photo! Ralphie and Hester look very eager to be let off the lead.

28 November 2012

Kennel Club Art Gallery Christmas Art Fair



This Monday (3rd December), the Kennel Club Art Gallery will once again be opening its doors to the cream of the UK’s artists specialising in dogs as their subject.
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Have You Had Your Bedlington Cheese On Toast This Morning?



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Note From Ronnie And Carly

Thanks so much  for your kind and supportive words. I know you are right, poor Mungo clearly hasn't been lucky enough to have the great start that so many dogs get and it just breaks my heart to think of all the dogs out there in that same position. One day in many years I would like to retire and move out in the country and devote my time to helping unfortunate cases such as him. Sadly for now, we just don't have the resources, time or experience to go through the kind of careful training he will need. I dearly hope that there is somebody else out there who can do that for him.
Ronnie seems absolutely fine now, thank goodness! Once Mungo had been gone for a few hours she wolfed down some food and then slept for about 24 hours solid- poor little lass, it must have been the first time she had relaxed properly since he arrived! She is quite a hardy and tough little thing usually, and doesn't seem to be scarred by it, which I'm so glad about. She really is our baby, we love her so much and the thought of making her little world feel unsafe broke my heart!
Despite our bad experience, we are still keen to have a little brother for Ronnie one day in the not-too-distant future- she is generally such a sociable dog and I'm sure that some canine company would enhance her life. Also, if one little liver Beddie can bring so much happiness into our lives imagine how full of joy we'd be with a blue boy too! As someone on the last Beddie walk said to me ' they really do come in pairs!' I think it would be safest though for us to get a puppy. We worked so hard on rearing and training and socialising Ron and she really has done us proud, so to bring another one up in the same environment with the same input would surely be the best way of ensuring he'd be a good little companion for her. Watch this space...
Thanks again, and all the best
, Carly and Ronnie

News: Dogs Trust Response To Welsh Dangerous Dogs Act Consultation


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27 November 2012

Hannah Gets Crafty!


Hannah  Billy’s daughter has started a doggie coat boutique with the bedlington in mind. Hannah is currently making doggie jumpers and onesies made to measure. For more information please contact Hannah at  hannahleigh88@hotmail.co.uk


Genie’s Beautiful Babies









We've all been trimmed, wrecked the room and now it's bedtime.

Genie relaxing with her little ones after her babies get their baths and hair cuts. Not to long now before they all go off to their new homes. Not sure about Angie and Stuart but I expect Genie will be pleased to wave them goodbye! 

Best Of Friends


Hi every one on the blog this is Dylan and Archie Dylan is my little brother who is 7 months old no peace for the wicked he even takes all the room up in bed but I always make sure I'm with my mam1 Dylan is the rebel of the family always up to something that he shouldn't be but i wouldn't have it any other way. Debbie & Paul

Thank you Debbie and Paul Dylan and Archie lucky beddies being able to stretch out on mum’s bed. Seven month old puppies are up to all sorts of mischief  but I bet you both have lots of fun together! Thank you for the lovely photo.

26 November 2012

Update On Mungo!

It is with great sadness that I report that we were unable to keep Mungo and had to return him to Deerness kennels on Saturday. Things had gone from bad to worse with him and Ronnie and were well beyond what we felt able to deal with. As he (thankfully) recovered well from his eye operation and gained in confidence he became increasingly hostile towards Ronnie to the point where she hadn’t eaten for days and eventually ended up hiding in the bathroom for long periods, refusing to come out or to be in the same room as him. This was an extreme reaction- Ron has always been very friendly and welcoming to other dogs- even those who have visited on her turf- Mungo wasn’t being vicious, but he is a big, muscular boy, practically twice her size, and was growling and snapping at her a lot- even when she was minding her own business nowhere near him, and she was clearly very intimidated and unhappy.

We decided to persevere, hoping that, with Mungo’s wound healing well they may play and bond when out and about together off lead. So after a week of successfully practising recall with him, we decided the time was right to take them down to our local park which has a large, enclosed area for dogs to run in. With no other dogs about, we let them off and within seconds, Mungo had caught sight of another little dog in the far distance, and it was like he changed into a different dog! He was off like a rocket, going wild, leaping through fences, screeching and barking. He chased the poor thing for miles until they were completely out of sight. We ran like hell to catch them and finally found to our dismay that he had chased the other dog into the path of a car. Thankfully the poor little thing was only bruised but as I arrived on the scene its owner was holding it and Mungo continued going wild, barking and screeching and trying to jump up, until its owner kicked him away. I can only begin to imagine what may have happened if he had got hold of it, but it’s not a risk I was willing to take with Ronnie.
We got him back on the lead but he was like a dog possessed- he was snapping and screaming and we couldn’t calm him and when 2 staffies passed us (off lead) he went ballistic trying to get at them too. I don’t know how much of it was aggression and how much was excitement but it was very shocking to see him in such a frenzy and not like anything I have experienced with dogs before.
Judging by his build and some of his habits we had been wondering whether he had in fact been a working dog and had been encouraged to chase and attack like this in the past? We have felt absolutely terrible about giving him up after making a commitment to give him a new home, but, living in a flat, and having Ronnie around, we just do not feel that we have the resources he needs to have a happy life, and after what we saw, I couldn’t live with the risk to Ronnie. Before we took him on, Deerness kennels had told us that he had a lovely nature which is true, he was very sweet and affectionate with Simon and I, and when we took Ronnie up to meet him before agreeing to take him on he was fine with her then too, but we suspect this may have been due to him having been subdued what with his poor eye making him unwell.
The trainer at Deerness is going to assess him again, in light of this. Though I am no expert I do feel very strongly that he would be happier and best suited to living with a family who have no other dogs, or perhaps bigger dogs who (unlike Ron) can keep him in line and who have a large, enclosed space for him to exercise in without posing a threat.
I feel really sad that things didn’t work out and especially sorry for poor Mungo- I know there are no such things as bad dogs, and that he was simply reacting in the only way he knew how, and I know that when taking on a rescue, you should be prepared for a challenge (which we were) but we just don’t have the space or resources for his particular issues and had we been warned in advance we would never have taken him on in the first place. I guess sometimes you have to live and learn.
He is a truly lovely dog and I am sure that in the right home he will make somebody a great companion. Deerness are a great organisation who never put a healthy dog to sleep and they told us that there had been another family enquiring about Mungo too. Hopefully they will be in a better position to give him what he needs. Good luck little man, you deserve a happy life. From Simon, Carly and Ronnie X
Carly you tried your very best we do not know what life he had before going into rescue.  It  certainly  seems he has not been socialised and may have had some bad experiences as a pup with adult dogs. Certainly he needs re assessing and going to an experienced home where he is the only dog, and the new owners can devote all their time in trying to address his issues. The very sad thing is poor Mungo has probably  started his young life with irresponsible owners. It will take a lot of time, patience and careful training for Mungo to overcome his past life.



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Manchester Sporting Terrier


BEST IN SHOW - Mr Paul Wilkinson's ( Welsh Terrier )
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Mark & Jan Walshaw's CH Janmark Blue Encounter JW ShCM

Many congratulations to Mark for a really successful day!!



Thank you to Kevin for a photo of his working bedlington Jake. Jake is regularly called upon by the welsh farms community to  rid them of those pesky rats. Very alert and ready for action in this photo!

25 November 2012

Class Resutls from Burton on Trent

1st Miteymidgets Look of Love BP & Puppy Group 1
2nd Bluesmurf Glory Daze

Post Grad
1st Gnejnabay Just Asha At Burmington RBOB
2nd Tcheria Shenanigans
3rd Doehey My Hearts Content By Bisbee

1st Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove BOB & Group 3
2nd Burmington And Me Too
3rd Ch Miteymidgets Myaquila
4th Bisbee Everlasting Life With Bluesmurf

Junior Stakes Tcheria Shenanigans 2nd
Breeders Stakes Miteymidgets Team 1st
Brace stakes Miteymidgets Pair 2nd

Manchester Terrier BIS
Newfoundland BPIS

Many thanks to Yvonne for the results

Lowbrook London Boy Has His First Trim


Here we have the youngest man in the Lowbrook household getting his first real grown up hair cut. He looks very handsome but by the look on his face he would rather be biting Stuart’s leg than standing on the grooming table!

A very Happy 8th Birthday today to


Parker  and Pat  with Leo and Larry

Parker, Larry,Frankie,Paris,Billie, Bailey from mummy Fudge and all the Burmingtons

Today At Burton On Trent



BOB Yvonne Bannister with Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove, RBOB  Gnejnabay Just Asha At Burmington

Best Puppy Miteymidgets Look Of Love.

Congratulations to Yvonne, class results will be posted later!

Stroud Show

Cancelled due to flooded hall

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24 November 2012

Molly Can’t wait until Christmas


Having been out sampling wares at Christmas fairs today, i thought the blog may like to see Molly, who we rescued thanks to the blog. We have had Molly for Three years in February. Molly is looking forward to the festivities.... Much love  The Ovendens, Sussex

Thank you for the photo, lovely to see catch up with Molly, I bet she loves to sleep near that inviting warm fire!  I think there will be one or two beddies looking forward to Christmas day. They all love to tear off the wrapping paper, mine look eagerly for something tasty to eat.

NEWS: Welsh Government Announces Plans For Dog Control Notices

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23 November 2012

Reserve Best In Show For Hattie!

Many congratulations to Chris Harris and Ratzwell Dolly Mixture who won Reserve Best In Show at Camberley and District Canine Association, well done Chris and Hattie!
This Sunday Is Stroud
 and Burton On Trent Open shows both with Bedlington classes. I think both these shows have good entries

“Therefore It Must Be Copper Toxicosis”. An article in this months American Kennel Club Gazette by Laurie Friesen



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Occasional dogs with a 1,1 marker type are now known to have copper toxicosis, both in North America and Europe. The frequency of this is very low, probably less than 5%. In those lines where 1,1 or 1,2 affected dogs have been reported, the Commd1 deletion test by itself is insufficient to steer clear of the disease.

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22 November 2012



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House Rules, No Dogs On Chairs Or Beds!!!!!!!!


As we have had Seamus for 1 year, I thought I would send these photos of him obeying the house rules. No dogs on chairs or beds! Sally

Thank you Sally Seamus has certainly trained you well!

What Are You Doing Mum!


One of Genie's babies having her feet trimmed for the first time. This keeps the pads nice and tight at the same time as getting her used to being handled. This may seem young but is essential training for a dog that is going to need trimming for the rest of its life. As I type this her sister is teething on my right ankle. Ouch!!!!   Angie and Stu

Thank you for the photo I just love the look of trepidation on this little girl’s face!

21 November 2012

Rain rain and more rain!


The river  Stour burst its banks  this afternoon  and flooded the valley roads in Brailes and Shipston on Stour were impassable!!

We say hello to Pippa


We were on your list for a puppy from your Asha in the summer but were not successful. Hope she is doing ok ,we follow the bedlington blog its really good! Finally we have Pippa waited a long time for her as there was a shortage of puppies this year, we went up to Scotland as Mrs Davies Honeymist had a puppy for us. At 14 weeks she is a absolute delight ,and have started training classes early as might see you around the shows one day .Here she is with my daughter Chelsea  Melanie
Thank you Melanie I am so pleased you have finally got your little girl. I know how frustrating it is to be waiting for a pup and then be disappointed, unfortunately Asha only had the one girl out of a litter of six. All smiles now with Pippa and really do hope we get to see you both at the shows next summer.  

Show Update


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Eli has a trim





Baby Eli who is just 5 months looks very handsome and grown up after his trim yesterday. Many thanks to Tony for the photos.

20 November 2012


Our old girl Chelsea at nearly 15 still loved a round of agility practice! 

We had to say goodbye to my first bedlington " Chelsea" who was 16 and a half . We have lots of fond memories of a very special girl, she we be fondly remembered and sadly missed

Who Wants To Go Walkies This Weather!


Here is a pic of Lady and Mavis......aw so comfy!!!!  Mary

19 November 2012

Maybe Of Interest To BARF Fed Beddies


The cheapest chicken pieces i can find is £1.60p a kilo for economy pieces. This new company is providing 100% Natural Minced Chicken for all BARF and RAW feeding cutting down on Mess & Hassle. You can bulk buy chicken for  less than £1.60p a kilo
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DOG NEWS: Is This Dog Cleverer Than Its Owner?



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DOG NEWS: Hope For The Paralysed As Dogs Helped To Walk Again


Paralysed dogs have been helped to walk again after being given an injection of their own stem cells in a treatment that could offer hope for human accident victims, it has been announced.

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These 6 Week Old Pups Are ready For Some Serious Play Fighting


Thank you to Kevin Mumford for the photo. The pups are six weeks old now here they are yesterday morning in the frosty grass with Ruby the cocker spaniel.

Knit Your Own Bedlington Terrier Pattern On Ebay



Thanks to  karen and Bramble for the link to ebay. 

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18 November 2012

Fwd: Ronnie waiting patiently for her new brother...

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From: "Carly Fee" <carlyfee@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: Nov 17, 2012 8:45 AM
Subject: Ronnie waiting patiently for her new brother...
To: <caineslesley@gmail.com>, <jon@joncaines.co.uk>

Fwd: shades

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Carly Fee" <carlyfee@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: Nov 17, 2012 8:56 AM
Subject: shades
To: "Lesley Caines" <caineslesley@gmail.com>, "bedlington jon" <jon@joncaines.co.uk>

Hi all,
just to update you on Shades, the 1 year old male at Deerness kennels who was looking for a forever home. Well, he has no need to look any longer as myself, my husband Simon and our little Ronnie are going to collect him tomorrow to bring him home with us!
The poor little chap has had a really tough time of it- he came in as a stray and had a nasty eye infection which was so badly damaged it has resulted in the vet removing his eye. Despite the pain and hardship he has suffered, he seems like a very sweet natured and inquisitive little boy and he and Ronnie seemed to rub along quite nicely when we walked them together. We are renaming him 'Mungo' and just can't wait to bring him home and give him all the love, comfort and treats he so deserves! Will post some pictures soon and keep you updated.
All the best,
Carly, Simon and Ronnie X
PS, I have sent a photo of Ronnie patiently awaiting the arrival if her little brother

17 November 2012

Fwd: LKA

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From: "derek Owen" <bisbee@btinternet.com>
To: <caineslesley@tiscali.co.uk>
Subject: LKA
Date: Sat, Nov 17, 2012 10:41

Hi Lesley
The info on the blog for LKA enties is incorrect. I think Enid has accidentally given you the Cairn entry. The Bedlington entry is 60 dogs making 61 enties. Whether any of those are just in stakes classes I do not know.

A Very Happy Birthday To….


Jazz and Sapphire who were six yesterday. Lots of love from Diesel, Parker and everyone on the blog. Hope you enjoyed your special blog tea.



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16 November 2012

LKA Info

There are 52 dogs entered at LKA and we are first in the ring at 9.30 in Hall 2 ring 2.
We are not allowed to park in the West car park this year. We have to use the South and follow the pedestrian path. It's a bit further than the west so allow a bit more time to get in. Enid
Thanks Enid




lion killer pups! Definitely pups looking for trouble, thanks to Stuart for the photos.

Our Autumn Woodland


Hello all,
Well Sapphire and Jazz are having a lot of fun racing about on their favourite walks amongst  all the leaves which have fallen on to the ground. I have to stop them going for a paddle since the water is a lot cooler now, but our Sapphire is a right little tom boy and always finds a spot to go paddling, then runs passed me laughing! When we go around Colemere they like to meet up with their doggy friends and play. Thursdays we go off dog training which they still enjoy. This weekend I am not working, there is a big antiques show on at Park Hall so Mum, Sapphire, Jazz and Myself are going to look around (who knows B.B.C may be filming Bargain Hunt there). If they are there we will try to get in view of the camera and I will let you all know if we see any of the B.B.C antiques team. So for now I will leaf (leave) you with some photos that Sapphire and Jazz took of the trees on their favourite walks!




Thank you Ian for the beautiful autumn photos, the autumn colours and low sun make a perfect combination  for stunning photos. Autumn  time and when the spring blue bells are in bloom are  perfect for times of the year to head off to  the woods with the camera! Enjoy the antique fair.