13 January 2013

Dairy Dates, Shows With Classes, All Schedules On Line.

4 New Shows Added Today
Manchester Champ Show (No CC’s)
On 17th January
City of Cambridge (Fosse Data) 
On 27th January
Rugby and District (Fosse Data)
On 2nd February
West Midlands Terrier (Fosse Data)
On 9th February
Maidenhead & District (EJC Print)On Feb 16th February
Cheltenham & District Canine Society (Foss Data)
On 17th FebruaryMidland Bedlington Terrier Club (Arena Print)
On 23rd February
Swindon & District Canine Society (EJC Print)On 2nd March
National Bedlington Terrier Club (Arena Print) On 30th March
National Terrier (championship Show) (Fosse Data) champ show with CC’sOn 6 th April
Newcastle (Staffs)& District Canine Society
On 7th April
Cleveland Dog SocietyOn 20th April
WELKS (Dog.biz) champ show  with CC’sOn April 28th
Bath Canine Society (Dog. biz) champ show no CC’sOn 24th May.
Three Counties (Dog.biz) champ show with no CC’s On 6th June
Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society (Dog.biz)On 23rd June



Hi Paul & Debbie

We live in Shiney Row it it's any help, 0191 3852440. Come and meet us and have a general chat about Bedlingtons and shows.

The Makems

15krystal said...

As a former breed club and general society secretary, I have to say that it strikes terror into my heart when people suggest phoning to see if a late entry will be accepted. If it's only a day or so after closing, then go ahead and see, but I've had people trying to make entries about a week before the show, and getting quite stroppy when I told them it was far too late and the catalogues had been printed, judges notified etc. Shows give people plenty of time to get their entries in - please, exhibitors, get a bit more organised. Secretaries do have a life .... And with online entries, you get plenty of reminders from Fosse Data and Higham Press that entries are about to close. Shows don't like to have to turn entries away, but some people do rather take the mickey.

Lesley 2 said...

The post from Paul and Debbie was back in November, hopefully they have found some help about showing their dog

Lesley 2 said...

I can certainly see your point of view with people ringing up close to the show to make an entry!!! I only put the suggestion on as entries have been low at a lot of shows, sometimes people just miss the closing date. I do know people who don't have a computer or those who would rather send in a postal entry.
Anyway I have taken the suggestion off

Stuart said...

No CC's at 3 Counties

Paul / Debbie said...

Hi everyone on the blog i would like to state the comment id made in november i didnt want to make a late entry in showing my dogs i was just enquiring what it involves as im new to all off this im sorry if i upset one off the judges who is sick off late entries but i wasnt on planning showing my dogs i also would like to say thank you to derek for letting me contact you. Debbie Paul

Lesley 2 said...

Thanks Stu
I knew that as well, I really need a proof reader for the blog with the enedless carelss mistakes I make!!

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

lol enedless carelss, your spulling