18 January 2013

First Taste Of Snow

Bonny & Darcy were introduced to their first real carpet of snow today.

AND WOW ISN,T IT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not what I think may I add, couldn't wait to get back into the warm after walking the biggies. Like Enid's lot they needed de- icing as soon as we got home, that they didn't like. Chasing kids on sledges however, now that was fun! Looking at the weeks forecast the white stuff is here to stay for sometime "Yuck!" It will take more than that though to get me cleaning out the kitchen cupboards lol. Jane


Thank Jane you, they are lovely,  watching playful puppies in the snow is far more fun than cleaning kitchen cupboards! I bet they had a great time certainly a day you will always remember.

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Cerys Biddle said...

aww, they look like they had a fantastic time :) Millie can't get enough of her first snow either