16 January 2013

Good Morning From Wales


Good morning, Bloggers and a Happy New Year to all of you.
It's been quiet around here lately so not much to write about. We had a lovely brisk walk in the snow on Tuesday morning. Larry went for a short walk first as he feels the cold and shivers. Then we took the other three along the forestry road. We were out for over an hour and they met up with loads of doggy friends and their owners who all carry treats in their pockets. My liver cake is still the firm favourite though.
We had to take the motorhome down to Burnham-on-Sea for a service on Monday as it has to go to a Hymer agent to keep up the warrantee. It won't be ready until Friday and more heavy snow is forecast so it will have to stay there until the roads are clear. There's no way we would be able to drive it up our hill and into our street in snow!
Elwyn's daughter, Linda, is moving into a lovely new house in Queenstown NZ this week. I've seen the photos and it's going to be lovely for Alma as there's a very big garden with lots of room to look after baby lambs in the NZ spring.
Our granddaughter, Megan, still hasn't come down to earth after get an offer of a place in Trinity College Oxford. It's come as a big shock to her younger brother who has suddenly realised he'd better pull his socks up and do a bit of work in school!
Our dogs are having a rest from the show circuit and won't be going anywhere until the Midland Bedlington Terrier Show. Don't forget to enter and remember the AGM is after the show ends this year.
Finally, congratulations to Louise and Matthew Crump who are expecting their first baby in June.

Thank you Enid not much snow for us in Oxfordshire thank goodness. I love the crisp cold weather for walking lovely hard ground and no mud. Going out through the fields with four dogs in the mud makes for a lot of leg and paw washing. 


Stuart said...

It may because I was a boy scout but I love going out after an overnight dusting of snow. Just by following animal tracks you can find out so much about your local wildlife; what is there and what has happened overnight. A basic guidebook and a little knowledge can open up a whole new nocturnal world we would never see otherwise.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

We can also find out where the fox is getting into the allotments from ;-)

15krystal said...

Snow? What snow? Although Norwich (only 20 miles away) has disappeared under several inches of the white stuff, we haven't had a single flake here right on the coast - as I write, the sun is shining, the sky is clear blue and its bitterly cold but perfect for a run on the beach. I'll think of you snowbound lot while I'm out!

k9 said...

We have'nt any snow yet in North Shropshire much to Sapphire and Jazz's disapointment cause they wanted to build a snow dog
from Ian
great pictures Enid

Julie said...

Many Congratulations to Louise and Matthew.

15krystal said...

Oops, should have kept quiet about no snow. It's found us! First flakes falling right now.

PS Congratulations to Louise and Matthew on their wonderful news xxx