10 January 2013

Happy Belated New Year Bloggers!



Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Just thought I'd send a few pictures and an update as to how Ronnie spent the festive season. As you can see, she opened her present very enthusiastically- and it wasn't just the wrapping paper she shredded! Within an hour the entire toy was decimated. We then headed over to my Mam's house where she proceeded to destroy poor Lucky the mongerel's Christmas present too! I've never understood these stuffed squeaker toys, every dog I've ever known has had them to bits in minutes, but they do seem to have great fun in the process!
Ronnie received another present from Santa Paws too, a book of '101 Dog Trick.s' As you can see from the picture, she looks a bit daunted at the prospect of learning all that new stuff! I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we have her doing hoovering and ironing though...
DSCN2292 (1)

boxing day we headed across to visit family at St Bees in Cumbria where stayed in a lovely static caravan on the seafront. Ronnie spent most of her time as she is shown in the picture, at the window looking out to sea, waiting for the tide to go back out and the heavy rain to stop so she could go for yet more walkies on the sand. One afternoon, to her great excitement she came across a stranded baby Guillemot on the rocks- thankfully we were close behind so were able to get to it in time, before Ronnie had the chance to taste her first blood!
When she wasn't out gallivanting she was flaked out on the settee, tired, content and full of turkey leftovers and chipolatas.


She also spent some quality time with her Nana and Granddad who have three Old English Sheepdogs and two Hungarian Pulis- quite an intimidating rabble for one small Bedlington, as the picture of Ron running away with her tail between her legs shows!
All in all, she had a smashing time, but now her Christmas jumper has gone back in the wardrobe and it's back to work. We're starting her in the 'flyers' group at Doggy School soon, will keep you posted on her progress. All the best,

Carly, Simon and Ronzo X 
PS, a while back you posted about a lady called Hannah who makes onesies for bedlingtons? I tried emailing her a couple of times at the address you posted, but heard nothing back, just wondering if anyone else knows how to contact this lady? Thanks.
Thank you Carly I think you all had a wonderful time over Christmas, the weather looks a bit dreary by the seaside but saying this the views from the caravan window are stunning what ever the weather!
 The onesies are made by Hannah the contact I have is  hannahleigh88@hotmail.co.uk. but I will ask Billy for a phone number.

Talking about Flyers Dog Training I run a dog training school called the “Feldon Fylersl” we are 12 miles form either Banbury or Stratford Upon Avon. Training is at Brailes village hall for ring craft and obedience and at out home for agility.

Feldon Flyers Dog Training Club

    Thursday 7-8pm   Obedience
                        8pm    Ring Craft
Saturday  10am
                         Email  me for further  details                          

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k9 said...

AAAhhhhh bless her she looked as if she was having fun. Happy Belated New Year to you to
Sapphire, Jazz and Ian