14 January 2013

Introducing Bonny & Darcy


Well it seems like Mayas boys are settling well in their new homes. Bonny is here with us a little while longer, which is great as it keeps twin sister Darcy company! They have both received preliminary haircuts and been forced to wear collars, had to be done as we kept mixing up who was who. Even the vet who gave them their jab agreed they were twins. Arthur is slowly coming round to the idea of little sisters, though isn't quite convinced they are not his replacements, we keep telling him he is irreplaceable but sadly I don,t think he’s the sharpest tool in the box. Poor lad!
Enid & Hefin must be immensely proud of their grand-daughter Megan, it is a real achievement. I remember how delighted my parents were when my sister passed her Oxbridge exam.
I have had a request for help from a lady who’s 18 month old beddie dog has taken to cocking his leg around the house. As we haven’t thankfully had experience of this I was wondering if anyone could offer any advise in how to nip this in the bud, so to speak, before it gets out of hand. I’m sure I am not alone in hoping the snow will not materialise and if it does it won’t outstay it’s welcome. So whatever it does stay warm one and all and keep safe. Jane

Thank you Jane it is lovely watching two litter mates playing together, hopefully they play together giving the big dogs some peace.  Unfortunately some dogs do mark, Parker sometimes cocks his leg in the kitchen if we are not around . 


enid said...

I've heard that sprinkling pepper where they cock thier legs up helps to stop it! Certainly causes sneezing!!

poppydog said...

Hi Jane the pups are beautiful! haven't they grown up quickly.Maria

15krystal said...

Washing down where he's done it with surgical spirit is supposed to neutralise the scent (rather than just mask it) so they're not encouraged to do it there again. Whether that means he'll just find somewhere else, I don't know!

Polly said...

I was advised but my vet to use bio-logical washing powder to clean the are when my boy got in to the habit of doing it.

karen hoaksey said...

looking good girls :)

Sarah and Tony said...

We've had the odd wee up the radiators. The main thing is to clean it up with something that masks the smell, not plain water, otherwise they will go there again. we keep a bottle of floral disinfectant.