15 January 2013

Jazz and Sapphire Choose A New Beddy Limo!

Hello All,
Jazz and Sapphire here, just letting you know that Sapphire and myself have been let loose to type this little report ha ha). On Saturday we went with Uncle Ian to the N.E.C to the Auto Sport International Show and what a day we had. We met up with all of our rally friends who gave us lots and lots of fuss and treats. We saw some of our friends from the North Shropshire grass tracking club who stopped us to say Hello. At dinner time we stopped for fish treat butties and a drink and Uncle Ian had his peanut butter butties. The show was really exciting as we even saw the likes of Jackie Stewart, and a loads of drivers from F1 and the world and British Touring Cars, including Rallying.
The show they had an auction of all makes of cars from road cars to full blown racing and rally cars. To our surprise there was a Silver Rolls Royce Silver Cloud adorned with a record company label from a very well known rock group, it sold for £74,00. The person who owned the Rolls Royce was no other than the late, great Freddie Mercury, Queen’s lead Singer! Sapphire and I wanted to bid for the Rolls but Uncle Ian said that we didn't have enough paw money (boo who)!! The Rolls was very nice as was all the cars at the show. We had a wonderful day at the show and on the way home Sapphire and I were talking with Uncle Ian about all the cars we would have liked to pose in.
By the time we got onto the M6 Sapphire and I fell fast asleep, It was a long day for us we started the day at 7am when Uncle Ian woke us up and we were at the N.E.C at 9 am. After a good look around the show and all the fuss and talking we did with our human friends we didn't leave the NEC till 6 pm. We headed straight off home for our teas and to rest our tired paws. Once home we told Granny about our fantastic day, so for now we will leave you with a picture of Freddie Mercury's Rolls Royce. Bye,bye for now from Jazz and Sapphire


Thank you Jazz and Sapphire you certainly had a very long but fun day!  I know how much you and Uncle Ian enjoy your motor sport. Shame there was not enough paw money to bid for the Rolls. it would have made quite an impression turning up in a Roller at the Fund day! 



Your a bit old for the red one Ian.

The Makems

Stuart said...

Ferraris were always old mens cars. The young people who would appreciate them could never afford to insure them unless they were crooks!!

k9 said...

Sorry Derek but we dont like Farrari's they are common as muck we perfure a true super car status of the stylish Lamboginis lol
From Sapphire,Jazz and Ian

Stuart said...

Don't Lambo's make blooming TRACTORS?
Think British, Think Aston Martin.

Stuart said...

Just remembered, David Brown made tractors too!!

k9 said...

Ha ha you are right Stuart but the road going Lambos are such class over the useless farraris and not so common either lol or we would like a MG Metro 6R4 with the 3lt V6 engine in the back and 4 paw drive from Sapphire,Jazz and Ian

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