15 January 2013



Happy New Year to you all!
Millie seems to be growing every week, and is getting greyer and greyer! She is getting more mischievous (and is rather partial to hunting out boxes of tissues) and has been a good girl with her training and is starting to enjoy walks off the lead! First haircut is looming on Thursday.... eeek! Cerys


Thank you Cerys, I think all bedlington puppies just love to tear up paper, there is nothing better than tissues as they are so soft and easy to rip to pieces. Good luck with the clipping, please sent us some photos of Millie with her new posh trim.


ed and rebecca said...

I recognise that expression!
Hester was rather partial to tissues, maps, my sister's wedding mags and paperback books before she grew out of it : )

karen hoaksey said...

mine used to go for tissue's all the time, so cute :)

Julie said...

Typical Bedlington. What is it with Bedlingtons and tissues!

Cerys Biddle said...

I think they have super powers... Millie can sniff them out from pockets too!

Sarah and Tony said...

Ossie loves ripping up paper too, we always know because of the excited barking.