12 January 2013

Megan Heading for Trinity College Oxford

solo picture 002

Our granddaughter, Megan, has been offered a place to read English and Modern Languages at Trinity College, Oxford. We are very proud of her. All she needs now are three A's in the summer! She is very talented and painted this picture of Solo for Christmas for us last year.

Thank you Enid you must be so proud of Megan, we wish her all the best for her forth coming exams. What a lovely painting of Solo something you will always treasure. Our walls still display our daughter’s art work from her A level textiles exam.   


Stuart said...

The next Craigie?

Julie said...

WOW! Enid I can just imagine how proud you feel. Please pass on my congratulations to Megan. And what a picture, she won't have any trouble making a bob or two painting dogs if she needs spending money.She can start with mine. Love it.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Its a great painting!
Im sure she will pass her exams, you have every right to be so proud.