30 January 2013

Pigeons Aren't The Only Ones With The Homing Instinct!

I'm quite sure I am not alone in my delight and relief that Remy has been found. Though I have to admit to being optimistic about her return following a recent event in our village. It will be 3 weeks ago on Thursday that Annie and her husband lost their collie Mollie, she took fright at very loud gun blast while out for a walk on the local playing fields and fled. Despite them searching until the early hours of the following day she was nowhere to be seen. Posters were put up all around the village, dog lost, radio and all other authorities were contacted all to no avail. As you all know the weather was particularly unpleasant with snow and freezing temperatures at night which made everyone's concern for Mollie even greater. Annie and her husband widened their search to the neighbouring villages over the weekend but still no sign joy, I can’t begin to imagine how dreadful they must have felt.
It was on the Monday morning as I walked down to the shops I noticed several people watching something. All at once a small black and white collie came careering around the corner, swerving past me, she just kept running up the road. I turned and ran as fast as I could after her but was too late as she had already arrived on her own doorstep before I could catch her up! Annie needless to say was overcome, I don't think she thought she,d see her again. Where she'd been for 4 days and very cold nights I don't suppose they'll ever know, she was rather bedraggled and thin but very happy to be home. So I think the moral of the story is never lose hope cos pigeons aren't the only ones with a homing instinct. Jane

Thank you Jane Mollie’s owners must have been so worried, all that time missing especially out  in such cold weather. Many farm collies live out and luckily collies are pretty tough and have thick  coats to protect them from the cold and wet. Some other breeds may not have survived. Three weeks is a very long time to go missing if only she could tell Annie where she had been.. 

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Stuart said...

Many humans have a natural homing instinct too. In the days when I could afford to go to pubs I always managed to find my way home, often with no memory of how I did it!!!