21 January 2013

Playfull K9 Marshal Crew


We hope everyone is keeping safe and warm in this snowy weather. Sapphire and Jazz just want to be out all the while playing in the snow and having snow ball fights. When they go for their daily adventures they want to go sledging with all the children.I wanted to tale photos but they were moving to quickly for my camera on my phone and most of the photos came out all blurred. They love the snow so much and the children like sledging with them too. Sapphire and Jazz tried to make a snow dog this year and the front end crumbled apart and it ended up looking as if it was digging.  I laughed and they both paw spun and covered me in snow and then they were the ones laughing!


We ended up having 5 inches of snow which made my going to work that bit dangerous specially when I had to be 5 miles away from home at 7am in the morning. You could not tell which was road and which was the grass verge. By the time I got to my first appointment  the Bedlie Limo weighed another ton extra with all the snow on it, Sapphire and Jazz didn't mind all they wanted to do is get out and play in all the snow, Today we went to Colemere for a walk and we met up with a lot of our friends so Sapphire and Jazz spent a lot of time playing and running about covering their doggie friends with snow.  When we got home  I thawed them out in some luke warm water, they had their teas and continued to play for an hour until they had a nice shoe chew for being so good. We think the snow is slowly  thawing out now so it might make it easier for me to get about.  Sapphire and Jazz don't want it to go, bless them but they still have lots of fun while it’s still here so for now Bye Bye Ian Jazz and Sapphire
Thank you Ian I don’t know about the snow thawing it has been snowing lightly all day here yesterday. Our dogs love being out in the snow but washing off the snow boots on four dogs is a bit of a chore! Hopefully things will improve during the week, the dogs may like the snow but I don’t. 

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