21 January 2013

Post Card From New York


Thanks to Stuart for scanning this great post card for us. I don’t have any date but guessing the late 50’s The bedlingtons just need some goggles and scarfs to complete the picture!

Note From Angela
Information on the card is that the lady in the picture is an actress by the name of Constance Brigham and it was taken in New York in 1956 . I haven't heard of her I wonder if any of the bloggers have ?

Thanks Angie I was not far out with the date, never heard of the actress!

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caroljnewton said...

She was a well respected Broadway actress in the early to mid fifties, offhand I can't remember what she was in, but it wasn't many. Just a couple or three,I think. I have a feeling that she didn't actually make any films. Her dogs look lovely.