25 January 2013


Bieke and Bonnie in the snow

Hello to everyone from the sadly snow-free bit of England. Bieke and Bonnie got fed up hearing about everyone on the blog having fun in snow so we today took them out to find some. We couldn't find much but they still had great fun chasing snowballs and each other. Eventually they accumulated so much snow that we thought we had better bring them home before they froze to the spot.

Warming each other up in front of the stove

After a bit of defrosting they cuddled up together in front of the fire and went to sleep. Now they are hoping that tomorrow will bring us some snow, they think it will be grand to see snow on the beach! Best wishes Ruth and Howard

Thank you Ruth and Howard there  never seems to be much snow round the coastal towns but you may be lucky today, the forecast today is for snow in the north. I love the photo of them cuddled close to the stove. 

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Sarah and Tony said...

Bieke and Bonnie you are very sweet. Lovely pictures