07 January 2013

Tired Out!


Hello all,
Sapphire and Jazz here wishing all our friends out there a Happy New Year. Our Uncle Ian wasn't quite well enough to go to the display teams Xmas party, so our Granny and Granddad went. With the end of a good year of displays and dog training Jazz finished up 2nd and I (Sapphire) finished 7th which I don't mind because I enjoy myself while I'm there with our Uncle Ian. We have been on lots of nice adventures on Xmas day we went around Colemere and met up with a lot of our doggie friends and played for hours with them.  Uncle Ian was put off work for another 7 day by the Doctor to last into the New Year which was great for Jazz and Myself. It meant Uncle Ian could take Jazz and myself out for longer adventures and man did we love it!
Over the holidays we went  for a 6 or more miles hike along the towpaths of the canals (Llangollen and the Montgomery Canals). On another walk we even talked our Granny into joining us on of our adventures up Haughmond Hill near Shrewsbury. The climb up the hill made her very weary so while she had a sit down at the top Jazz and myself ran around playing. We  played with new doggie friends for an hour while Geany got her strength back to go back down the hill. By the time we all got back to the car ( the Bedlie Limo) we were all tired and fell asleep while our chauffer (Uncle Ian) drove us home. By then we were ready for our teas with a cup of tea and a nice rest. Ganny said that next time she will have a look around all the shops in Shrewsbury while we do all the walking up and down all the hills!!

Our next trip out we dropped Granny off in Welshpool to look around the shops while Uncle Ian took Jazz and myself for an adventures down the canal. About 2 1/2 miles down the canal Jazz and I saw a great seat/ bench where the back had been calved in the shape of some kind of fish.  Uncle Ian said that it was in the shape of a Pike, Jazz and I thought that it was very good and we sat on the seat and asked Uncle Ian to take our picture to show you all.


The next day Ganny wanted to go to the Sunday Market in Shrewsbury so we all went and while Ganny looked around the market Uncle Ian took Jazz and myself to what they call Battlefields where the Battle of Shrewsbury took place,  there was an interesting  walk around the site it was nice if you are into that sort of thing but Jazz and Myself just enjoyed meeting new friends and playing, and with all the sniffs there it was a lot of fun.



When we got back to the car we phoned Granny up to collect her, got home  had our teas and enjoyed a relaxing evening.  Unfortunately Uncle Ian starts work again in the morning and Jazz and I will have to wait until he has a couple of hours break to take us on our adventures. Never mind we are off to the N.E.C next weekend to see the Auto Sport International Show which we are looking forward too as we meet up with all of our rally friends and get lots of fuss from them and some treats to (yupeeeeee)!!!!
So for now bye bye from Sapphire and Jazz.  Uncle Ian is calling us, It’s our tea time and we are both hungry, we both said we could eat a horse between two mattresses!!

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire you must be the two fittest bedlington on the blog. Hope Carmel has recovered from her hill climb, I expect her leg muscles ached the next day. You are both very lucky bedlingtons having such lovely regular very long walks with your Uncle Ian. 

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