29 January 2013

Who Are You?



Bellas first hair cut today, Bailey wondered where his black play mate had gone and replaced. He soon realised it was her and they were back to being as close as ever!
Thank you kirsty. Bella looks fabulous. I bet Bailey is very proud of his new pin up girl!


15krystal said...

Hi sis - what a fabulous hair-do! Who's your hairdresser>
Flint xxx
PS did you find it drives 'em crazy when you turn round suddenly? Fun, fun, fun ...

Kirsty and Paws said...

Hi flint
My mummy did my haircut, (I'm lucky enough to have 2 mummies) I was a very good girl, I didn't turn round or anything, but I did shake quite a lot! The bath was funny, I kept trying to leap out so they had to get in with me! It's a bit on the chilly side now without my nice warm coat on, lucky I can run really really fast around the garden, it's my best trick when they want me to come in!
Love Bella