20 March 2013

1st Display Done And Dusted


Hello Bloggers,
Hi Jazz and Sapphire here again. Well we have had loads of fun since we met up with a Radio Shropshire presenter on the Llangollen Canal a few weeks ago.  Sapphire and myself (Jazz) have been busy training for the first dog display of the year Sunday at Walford and North Shropshire Collage in Baschurch near Shrewsbury.  Although there was a dusting of snow on the ground when we got there it soon melted.  Granny and Uncle Ian and the team set all the equipment  for the display and when  finished we went for an egg and bacon buttie with a cup of tea for breakfast, as well as a wander around to see what was going on. We even saw some meerkats through a window and we wanted to know which two were the ones from the adverts for car insurance but the people said that they were on a day trip out to the seaside (lol).

By the time we did the first display at 12 noon the sun came out and it was like a proper spring day with everyone was enjoying themselves .For our display we had a new routine and it didn't go too bad, but if it was a bit slippery under foot and paw. Our human friends were slipping about but us dogs had everything under control with our four paw drives. Once we finished our first display we were given a food ticket for our dinners in the collage canteen. Granny had a chicken curry and chips while to our surprise Uncle Ian had cheese and onion flan and Chips ( we thought Uncle Ian was ill saying no to a Curry lol)!  Sapphire and I had a nice cup of tea and some healthy doggie biscuits which were very nice, Once we had let our dinners go down Granny and Uncle Ian took us for a nice walk around the big field  before we did the second display at 2:pm. The field was getting very muddy by now and was almost ankle deep,  by the time  we were finished every one was very mucky from the knees down but who cares we had lots and lots of fun!  As soon as we got home Uncle Ian made our teas which were very nice, then Sapphire and myself had a chew and we went to put our paws up. While we were chewing away at our chews we watched some telly, at 10pm we went out for a last run around the back garden and then off to bed.  Sapphire and I fell fast asleep and had sweet doggie dreams about all the fun we had and the fun we are going to have this summer with the other dog displays, marshalling on rallies and of course the Bedlington Fun Day.  If anybody is interested Sapphire and I are thinking doing a fun Quiz on the Saturday evening for the campers. Let us know if you are interested! Don’t forget to bring your booze with you! unfortunately Sapphire and I are to young to drink ha ha! So bye for now and we will see you all soon.  Love to all our doggie friends Jazz and Sapphire 


Thank you Ian, all for a fun quiz and we will bring a bottle!

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