28 March 2013

Another New Liver Pup.

Hello Bloggers,
Bailey came for his first trim today and encountered Elba the Makems cat out in the garden.  As you can see he's another Liver pup out of a litter of 7, three Blue and four Liver born down on the coast at Hordon, Co. Durham.  Bailey is fourteen weeks old and looking forward to getting out and about to work off some energy.


Oh! what's that, Iv'e never seen one of those before, wonder if he'll play with me


Strange noise, growling,  coming from that strange thing on the path, better to make a quick retreat.


Perhaps next time he might be a bit more friendlier.  I did enjoy the romp around the garden with the Makems clan.  Hope to meet up on the beach soon and have a really good run about.

Thank you Derek what a lovely puppy, I wonder what he thought of Elba. I just love his cute brown button nose. Do hope we receive more photos of Bailey, he certainly looks very handsome in his new bedlington trim.

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