18 March 2013

Is it Spring Or Winter?

!cid_tie_8CFF14AC2F27944_10F0_14E84On Saturday Archie and Dylan are out walking smelling spring flowers, after a week of not being able to get out because it was so cold with that icy wind.


Then on Sunday we were back to snow again will spring ever arrive? We went out walking today with our friend Tyson a 4 year old collie, Dylan having a good run about while Archie just looks on. More snow forecast this week .

Thank you Deborah for the photos, when you open the curtains in the morning you just don’t know what you will find, snow, sun or gales!. Lovely sunny morning in Oxfordshire I don’t suppose it will last for more than a couple of hours. Dylan looks to be having a great time in the snow Tyson



At Shiney It's winter with a vengeance.

The Makems

Stuart said...

Wish we had some snow