25 March 2013

Lovely Bedlington Lurchers

Billy and Fraggleaaaaaaa

I thought you mike like to see my Penfold's son, Billy (with the white topknot) and grandson, Fraggle. They belong to my friend Tanya, and live with Weasel, the whippet Tanya and I co-own.  Hope everyone is well - Viv

Thank You Viv I just love the lurchers they are real sporting dogs. I love Billy with his white top not. I would love a small broken coated lurcher. Has anyone got a bedlington x Italian Geyhound? Is this a viable cross for a small working lurcher?
Talking about sporting dogs it is Kelmarsh game fair Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday It is a wonderful day out with lots to see  including terrier racing and simulated coursing.  There is a bedlington class in the working terrier show.
Mark and Michelle who have got Jess & Billy the bedlingtons and ourselves with Asha and Diesel are all planning to go on the same day and enter the coursing and bedlington class. We have not yet decided on which day but will make a decision nearer the time dependent on the weather. Do come along and join us and support the working bedlington class, email me for further details.


Viv at Sevray said...

Bedlington x IG is feasible, but there would be no advantage. Bedlington x whippet is probably a better bet - IGs are notoriously "breakable" - and using smaller (correct?) sized dogs would keep the size down. My own Foggy is Bedlington/Whippet x coursing greyhound, and she's only 21" at the shoulder. Billy, in the pic, is Bedlington x Whippet/IG, and is Fraggle's dad. Fraggle's mum is a whippet ( a very flighty tart of a whippet, by the way .... need I say more?)

Lesley 2 said...

Thanks Viv
I know what you mean thinking about the IG the breed is slight very small boned

Stuart said...

I remember reading somewhere that the early whippets were the result of just such a cross!! The Italian greyhound is a very old breed as evidenced by their appearance in so many early paintings of the aristocracy and probably varied considerably in size and substance. The North country terriers would have added the necessary bone and substance to make such a cross a viable prospect. We will probably never know for sure but the theory is an interesting one. The theory that Bedlingtons owe part of their ancestry to whippet blood may actually be quite the reverse.

Kim B said...

Love these lurches. One of the first dogs I rescued from Battersea was a lurcher. Although I didn't realise at the time she was a bedlington x, probably greyhound. Many years later our first Bedlington came into our life, also rescue, we are now on our second rescue bedlington. It was meant to be. I would love to have a bedlington x whippet lurcher join the family, Barney would too. Kim Bray

Viv at Sevray said...

I daresay the old-time IGs were a bit more robust than today's delightful but delicate little creatures. It's been said that Richard III (late 15th century) had a small brown "hound" - from descriptions, possibly a whippet or lurcher-type forerunner. And whippets from even the early part of the 20th century were considerable smaller than today's show whippets. One of my earliest ones was very petite, quite fine-boned but beautifully constructed (and tough as old boots!) Several judges told me that she would have been an outstanding champion if she had been half as big again - she was the only "tiny" in that particular litter, the rest were much more substantial. Whatever, I couldn't be without a whippet, despite them being "whippets of mass destruction" ... And they do fit well with the Bedlis

Gwacie said...

Hi there,
Just wanted to put in my two cents. I'm a very small lurcher owner in the US. My bitch is IG cross toy poodle. Having been a whippet owner for 15 years, I wanted an Italian Greyhound, and talked to a lot of breeders and owners, and was nervous about the "leg break" tales. I saw an advert in the next county over for an IG x toy poodle and thought, Why not look? It turned out to be a backyard mill, but my whippet and I fell in love. Six years later, we are competing in AKC agility, and cleaning up. She also courses. I know poodles used to be retrievers, and I think that adds some serious bone, because I've seen her jump a six foot wall, and jump off an eight ft. wall and keep running. I had never heard of lurchers( almost unheard of in the states) but a sighthound person told me she was a tiny lurcher. I have since done much reading and research. I covet a beddyXwhippet, but I love my girl because she is more biddable than a terrier might be. I would love to have a million of these dogs. Oh, and she also has a white topknot!