14 March 2013



We wish Jacco with Ramsey good luck at an all terrier show in Holland this weekend.
He has certainly grown up and looks very much like his Granddad Chokko. Ramsey who is 8 months is undergoing specialist puppy training as he will soon be begiining classes with top agility trainers in Holland. Ramsey will be ready to compete at about 18 months old. It will be fantastic to see another bedlington in agility competitions in Europe.
 Jacco is an experienced agility handler and has had a lot of agility success with his Kerry Blue terrier “Devlin”.


Agathasmum Louise said...

Ramsey, you really do look like grandad Chokko! Good luck at the weekend. xx

Trish said...

Lovely boy!! You must be quite proud of him Lesley....he is destined to be a super dog...can't wait to hear about all of his adventures!