07 March 2013

The K9 Marshal Crew are Interviewed!


Sapphire and Jazz here, well what a hectic time. First of all last weekend Uncle Ian took us up to Weston Rhyn and parked the bedlington Limo  and took us for a nice 6 mile walk along the canal towards Trevor Basin/ Marina. We saw a canal boat coming the other way and as it got near us it pulled over to let another boat to come through the 480 m tunnel. The chap on the boat waiting gave us a big fuss and ask if we were Sapphire and Jazz who text into Radio Shropshire? He recognized that we were Bedlington Terriers and Uncle Ian said that we were. We found out that he was the Radio Presenter on Radio Shropshire lunch time programme and he is doing his show from the narrow boat  all week. He said if we were about we could pop by and say "hello". He will be travelling from Chirk through Ellesmere, Whitchurch and onto Wrenbury the other side of Market Drayton. 
Uncle Ian had to work the weekend but he still made it home to take us out  early Sunday morning. He took us  to work with him so we could see Colin Young the Radio Presenter parked  near Whittington not to far from the Castle. Later we trained over the agility coarse at team practice once and once Uncle Ian had finished for the day we had a mad half hour before we had our teas.


On Tuesday we went to see Colin near Whitchurch and all  our friends heard us on the radio telling Colin about our antics with Uncle Ian. We told Colin how I “Sapphire” came to live in my forever home with Jazz, Granny, Grandad and Uncle Ian and how they all love both of us. I told Colin how I joined the dog display team with Jazz and how we both like to go fishing, and marshalling on motor sport events. We did whisper in Colin's ear that we are very spoilt and we wouldn't change our lives for the world. By the time we had finished Colin had a tear in his eyes at how happy Jazz and I are to be together with such a loving family. The little crowd who were waiting to speak to Colin were giving us both such a lot of fuss and saying how well behaved we were. When we got back Granny and Grandad had left to go to the N.E.C to set up for Crufts, so while Uncle Ian isn't working we will get lots of nice cuddles and walks as well as teas. We don't even know yet what Uncle Ian has planned for us over this weekend but Jazz and myself know that on Sunday we are going dog training again for it’s the last weekend before the display in Baschurch near Shrewsbury. We cannot wait until we go marshalling again in the forests as we know Uncle Ian cooks us sausage and bacon for our breakfast with a nice cup of tea. So we will leave you with some pictures of Colin the DJ and the Boogie Barge from Radio Shropshire. from Sapphire and Jazz  P.S Good luck to those of you going to Crufts

Thank you Sapphire, I think you and Jazz are the doggie stars of Shropshire. well known on the local radio, seen  entertaining visitors  at the shows in the dog display team and marshalling at the car rallies! . Can I have a paw print autograph next time we meet ?

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