09 March 2013

Update On Noodles


Just wanted to update you on our little rescue Beddie Noodles because you were all so supportive in her hour of need.
She is currently curled up with William in front of the fire (her usual spot!) Although they didn't get on very well at first they are now the very best of friends. William is very protective of her when were on walks despite the fact that she is tough as nails (unlike William.) it's almost like he is her guide dog :-) they spend all there time snuggled up together. It's so lovely!
She is seriously settled now! It's like she has been here for years. She has a permanent smile on her face. Any bedlington owner will be able to relate to that smile I'm sure :-D
I've found an amazing dog groomer who has worked with her and built trust so she is now able to have a full haircut without needing a muzzle. We have managed to get all the tangles completely off and she can now be groomed daily. She will soon look like a propper Beddie!! I will update you with before and after pictures. I would like to point out She is not an aggressive dog just quite nervous, probably because she is almost totally blind and has had a tough few years! This is just one example of how far she has come and how comfortable she now is in comparison to when we first met her!
She is real inspiration that if you just have faith, love and time for any animal they can really turn there lives around! It was the best decision I have ever made taking on little old noodles! Despite being 15, blind and fear aggressive she has done a 360degree turnaround with just a little TLC she is the perfect family pet! She is very much loved and adored! Corinne Gillett

This is just wonderful, her life has turned round due to you understanding the needs of a rescue who has had issues in her previous home. It is wonderful to read how she now trusts you and the patient lady who grooms her.
You are a wonderful lady not may people would give a new loving home to a nearly blind elderly rescue dog. Do send us photos after she has been groomed. Our love goes to you Noodles and William!

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