30 April 2013

Billybob Is A Granddad To 8 Babies!

I know the list is busy right now with shows.  But, am hoping you can find room for at least a couple of these pics.  Billy Bob's son, Marikov Whirlin' Merlin has sired 8 puppies for Ms. Tracy Peltz Wysyinsky in Baltimore, Maryland.  Here are pics of the 2 males from the litter.  !cid_X_MA1_1367253620@aol(Yes, the other 6 are ALL girls!!!!  And, 2 of the girls are liver!)  We are so excited.  I sent Merlin to live with Tracy, as she needed an outcross for her girls.  She started with Bedlingtons 20 years ago, with a bitch from my Marikov line and had linebred for the past 20 years and knew it was time for an outcross.  When she called me wanting to know where to take the line for an outcross, it was perfect timing to send her Merlin on a co-ownership.We are both VERY excited about this breeding.  Now, we are hoping to show Merlin and get his CH.I will send you updates of the babies as I get them from Tracy.


!cid_X_MA6_1367253620@aol  Mary Lou & The Marikov/Gipcyan Gang

Congratulations what a lovely litter with 6 girls! Good luck with Merlin in his forthcoming shows.
We will look forward to more puppy photo updates on the blog.






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Trish said...

Congratulations on the large and lovely litter. The pups are adorable and Billy Bob was always one of my favorites!