02 May 2013

Introducing Oonagh and Fergus


Hello Bedlington Pictures!
I've attached a recent picture of our brother and sister Bedlingtons OONAGH and FERGUS outside St. Monan's Windmill, East Neuk of Fife during a coastal walk.
They are 9 months old now and as you can see Oonagh is a tad bit smaller than Fergus, but we reckon that he's also slightly bigger for his age too. But when it comes to playing in the park or in the house, Oonagh is the feisty one, initiating the play and even able to pin Fergus down! But their favourite game is 'tag' in which either one of them will find an interesting twig, the other will try and get that twig of them. And when one of them gets it, the other chases to get it back. This vice-versa can go on for ages!
Lovely site, we enjoying seeing all the different Bedlingtons from all around the country and afar!
Cheers, Mark and Deborah McIlmail, Dundee, Scotland

Thank you Mark and Deborah and welcome to the blog. Fergus and Oonagh look very alike no mistaking they are brother and sister. What lucky pups to live in Scotland with  all the glorious countryside to explore. I expect lots more coastal walk will be planned with the better weather. Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow and icy conditions!

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